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LoL: Worlds 2020 | Top Esports vs Suning semi-final preview

A rematch of the LPL summer semi-finals is in the works in the 2020 World Cup semi-final. The battle for supremacy rages on at the 2020 LoL World Championship. Four teams remain after weeks of competition, in the l hope to claim their title in the final. But they have one more streak each before that. One of the clashes is between two Chinese teams, first seed Top Esports (“TES”) and third seed Suning (“SN”). Last weekend Suning took a huge win over JD Gaming, while TES surprisingly struggled against Fnatic. The LPL is considered to be one of the best regions in the world, if not the best, right now, so fans should be craving a big series here. Also read: Worlds 2020 | Damwon Gaming vs G2 Esports Semi Final Preview Winning Conditions In the LPL Summer Split, Top Esports finished in first place with a 13-3 record. Meanwhile, Suning was fourth with a 12-4 record. Some might have thought that meant Suning was close to TES’s level, but the playoffs showed it wasn’t. In the LPL semifinals, these two teams met and TES outscored Suning 3-0. Because of this, TES is always favored which means their winning conditions for this match are straightforward. Basically, TES just has to fight Suning and dominate them like before. Although Tang “huangfeng” Huan-Feng had a stellar streak against JDG, Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo had his number in recent history, which means that a bot-lane winning match goes so far in Suning shutdown. It is also important to play with Zhuo “knight” Ding, who is recognized as a top mid laner and is expected to outperform his opponent Xiang “Angel” Tao. Overall, TES just needs to not mess up the project or make huge mistakes against Suning. If they don’t, it should be easy for them to win as a team with better fundamentals and individual prowess. On the other side of the Rift, Suning will have a difficult road to travel. If they want to win this series, one of the biggest keys will be allowing Angel to have good games. This happened in the JDG series and it turned out to be very useful, as he teamed up with Lê ​​”SofM” Quang Duy to maneuver in other lanes. Another thing that played a decisive role for Suning was the Gangplank choice of Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin, whom he piloted very well even losing matches while having a good impact on games. On top of that, Suning needs to throw curved balls at TES either in draft or in play, because if they don’t, TES definitely has the upper hand. Prediction It’s no surprise that Top Esports are heavily favored in this game. Unfortunately, it will likely be a similar situation to where Damwon and DRX faced off in the quarter-finals, where after a 3-0 in their domestic league, the No.1 seed crushed the No.3 seed. Seeing as Suning was destroyed by TES 3-0 before, there isn’t much hope for them here. A Suning victory depends too heavily on TES underperforming and Suning outperforming to reasonably predict a chance for them. On top of all that, TES is a tournament favorite for a reason. Well, several reasons really. They have insane individual talent that most other teams in the world cannot challenge. Like other LPL teams, they also have the trademark Chinese aggression which, again, hardly anyone can handle properly, which means stomping is common for TES. Now Suning has shown the world that it is no child’s play by taking down JDG, who led TES to five games in the LPL Finals. But it should be very different. After a convincing win here, TES is expected to advance to the world final to fight for the Summoner’s Cup. Series prediction: TES 3-0 MVP prediction: JackeyLove

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