LoL: Worlds 2020 | Gen.G vs G2 Esports Quarterfinal Recap

In the last match of the World Cup quarter-finals, G2 Esports faced Gen.G. In the 2020 World Cup quarter-finals final series, this was the LEC’s last attempt to take a team to the later stages. With Fnatic falling 2-3 to TOP Esports, despite a 2-0 lead, G2 Esports had all EU hopes on them. Gen. G were the team that snatched first place in Group C from Fnatic after finishing third in the LCK. G2 Esports were the series favorite as they looked to host a game against LCK top seed Damwon Gaming. Also read: Suning vs JD Gaming Quarterfinals Recap and Damwon Gaming vs DRX Game One Quarterfinals Recap With the way the drafts played out in the first game, we were definitely in a spicy phase. G2 was written for an aggro, all-in style, especially in the bottom lane. During this time, General G went safer, trying to soften the aggression. General G is the one who picked up First Blood as G2 tried to punish a dive to the top. G2 is able to get one back, but General G has taken two in total. But G2 managed to close the golden gap at the start as the 10-minute mark allows both teams to gain 17.5 km each. G2 is a big part of team fights General G had been focusing on taking dragons throughout the match and is able to pick up an easy soul point as G2 just can’t move in the pit to stop it. However, G2 drops to 2.2k gold as they continued to get small choices on the map. G2 is once again able to get massive support on Gen G as it quickly collapsed onto Gen G in the top jungle. They transferred this to a Baron Buff, before calling for another murder and crucially taking the fourth drake. G2 finds another massive engagement soon after and this time they take out Life and Bdd early on. In the fight that followed, they chase down the remaining members of General G and picked up a clean ace as they moved to claim their second drake. However, they have shared their resources and therefore cannot claim the baron. Feeling desperate, General G forced a baron. Despite an early kill on G2 they were unable to hold him up as G2 faced them and charged down the middle lane to take the game. It looked a little tough at first, but G2 turned it on in the middle lane and it never really looked like any other outcome was likely after Caps came online. Quick statistics: Time: 30:01 Kills: 4-19 Turrets: 4-9 Gold: 49.6k – 61.6k Dragons: 3-2 Barons: 0-1 Second game After seeing the winning draft in the first game, Gen. G decided to copy half of it and try it out for themselves. G2, however, countered with the Sylas and Shen, giving them even more roaming potential. Either way, G2 looked dominant in the first game, but once the hallway stage was over, General G had to take a much better lead in the second game. General G managed to collect a huge first blood after G2 enlisted on the robot side. G2 escaped play and lost three players in the fight, taking just two in return. With that, General G moved up to an early gold lead of 1k. Even more action erupts, but this time G2 came out on top by winning a two-for-one trade in an extended high-side jungle fight involving both junglers and mid laners. The never-ending battles continued as G2 reaped even more casualties after a one-on-one trade on the robot side. Here, Caps slipped and G2 collected two more wins, also moving to 1k ahead. Caps carries his team with his Next de Mejai at 25 stacks, G2 forced a collapse in the middle lane as they claimed four wins for two in return. They have shown the power of having two long-distance ultimates while maintaining their golden lead, although General G chose the Rift Herald to narrow the gap slightly. G2 again countered an engagement from Gen. G as they attempted to play against the three members of G2, but G2 manages to turn the tide and win the fight. With this play, G2 pushed their lead to 4k, as General G didn’t seem to have an answer for his lineup. Going forward, G2 punished Rascal and destroyed the bottom lane inhibitor tower. General G again attempted to force an engagement in the middle lane, but they were unable to complete the play because, once again, G2 was the winner. As a result, G2 moved their lead to 7k. But then it turned out that General G had finally managed to get the choice they needed. They shot down two G2 members at the start of a fight, but Caps was able to steal an ultimate Leona and used it to destroy Gen.G. Seeing their opportunity, G2 pushed down the middle lane to seek the end. Caps grabbed hold of and carried G2 in another team fight as he once again proves why he is so important to G2. Quick stats: Time: 29:00 Kills: 11-28 Turrets: 3-9 Gold: 48.9k – 61k Dragons: 1-3 Barons: 0-1 Third game After two dominant games for G2, there was no more than one to win the 3-0 and do what Fnatic couldn’t do. As for Gen.G, they had everything to do in Game 3, having to win three in a row to keep their 2020 World Cup dream alive. G2 is able to get First Blood after pushing Life to stop Perkz’s return, with TP Caps coming in the way to recover the large kill. G2 also took a one-for-one trade on the upper side. However, it costs General G major summoner spells on their tracks. G2 then doubled up and made a five-man dive club as they claimed two more wins and moved 2k gold ahead. General G got on the map as he collected three massive attacks in the lower river, stopping snowball G2. General G fights but it is not enough Despite the equalizer of the gold head, G2 was able to win a massive team fight by eliminating three members of General G and returning to 2 km. General G managed to catch up with Perkz but they can’t knock him down. G2 saves its ADC and lands a kill on Clid. With this choice, G2 went 4 km ahead, with General G continuing to struggle to find a way to win. General G forced a game on G2 again and this time they took three big kills at the start of the fight. Wunder and Caps have tried to do something to stop them but they cannot bring them down. General G moved to Baron and sought to finally come to life in this series. The big fight takes place on the infernal drake. Despite an early choice on Caps, GEN can’t finish him off. Because of this, G2 is able to claim the Hell Soul and bring down three members of General G. As a result, General G, unfortunately, goes negative in Baron Power Play. With the Soul buff, G2 charged into the Gen.G base and took out three members during a massive Caps engagement, using a stolen Ultimate Volibear. G2 destroyed the Inhibitor but General G killed two members of G2 as they retreated. Finally, G2 found the winning fight. Here they found huge picks on Bdd and Rascal as they looked to finish the game and claim a fantastic 3-0 series victory. Quick stats: Time: 32:07 Kills: 22-14 Turrets: 7-3 Gold: 59.5k – 55.2k Dragons: 4-0 Barons: 0-1

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