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LoL: Worlds 2020 | G2 Esports vs Damwon Gaming Semi-Final Recap

Damwon sought revenge on the G2 for last year in this year’s semifinals. The LoL World Championship is in its final phase. Four teams remain standing in hopes of winning the Summoner’s Cup and proving they are the best in the world. Today, G2 Esports (“G2”) and Damwon Gaming (“DWG”) faced off in the first round of the semi-finals in a highly anticipated match. Read more: Worlds 2020 | G2 Esports vs Damwon Gaming: Semi-Final Preview Last year, G2 knocked out DWG early in the playoffs and was named the Korean Killer. For this reason, DWG was eager to seize the opportunity for revenge and make it to the final this time. But looking to the present, both teams are on their way to dominating victories, with DWG beating DRX and G2 beating Gen.G 3-0. Now it was time to put it all on the line. So without further ado, here’s everything that happened in this wonderful series! Also read: Worlds 2020 | Top Esports vs. Suning Semi-Final Preview Game One The first game in the series was a decisive victory for DWG. Although Jankos ganked halfway to kill Showmaker for First Blood, DWG still seemed to have G2’s number. This was clear through the bot side games, to the DWG duo track killed Mikyx in the isolated 2v2. Then they joined their team in a skirmish in the river to help DWG win three for one in the kills there. Things quickly got worse for G2 when Canyon ganked to kill Wunder before taking the Rift Herald, which would ultimately give them the first round bonus. G2, as expected, didn’t fall without making some crazy plays. Caps tried to force a dive into the bottom lane, but to his dismay, DWG reversed the game and killed him instead. From there, DWG ran a clinic, effectively circling the map to find all manner of targets, including dragons, towers, and another herald. Knowing that the game was quickly eluding them, G2 decided to throw everything on the table at the third dragon. Here they tried to engage in DWG but couldn’t do so until a DWG counterattack tore them apart. The resulting fight was devastating five-to-one in favor of DWG. It looked tough for G2 after that, but they made it worse when they lost another top team at 22 minutes, giving up four kills and a baron. Shortly after, DWG also took the Infernal Soul and a pick on Wunder, with Showmaker flashing an FPX emote the entire time. Finally, DWG laid eyes on the base, besieging two Inhibitors before engaging in a final fight on G2 for the Ace and claiming the first Nexus in the series. Quick stats: Time: 28:28 Kills: 6-22 Turrets: 2-9 Gold: 46.1k-59.8k Dragons: 0-4 Barons: 0-1 Second game The second game was similar to the first game, except that this this time it was G2 dominating their opponent. The Europeans started it all with their bottom lane which beat two for one in four minutes. Next, G2 moved three limbs up to take down Nuguri, who then allegedly had an unusually excruciating play on his counter-choice Fiora. Soon after, G2 also killed a Mountain Dragon while DWG used a Herald to try and kill the Tower of the Lower Path, but couldn’t do so and left it on a very low HP. Then all hell broke loose. At around 11 minutes, G2 forced skirmishes in several places on the map, and it was hectic, but they managed to kill. DWG retaliated by taking this low HP turn bot for the first turn bonus and killing Wunder. But G2 kept up the pressure, forcing DWG to fight after fight and win every time. As G2 racked up these wins, they were also moving forward in goals and getting on Soul point at 21 minutes. At 25 minutes, G2 took a huge step forward. They topped DWG and won a massive team fight in the middle lane, killing three from the start. After that, they called for Baron. Looking for more, they made their way to the Dragon Pit and after a messy team fight, they also caught the Hell Soul. Unable to handle the enhanced G2, DWG lost two inhibitors. From there, it was only a matter of time until G2 won one last fight against Ace DWG and blew up their Nexus. Quick Stats: Time: 33:27 Kills: 9-25 Turrets: 4-11 Gold: 55.7k-66.6k Dragons: 0-4 Barons: 0-1 Third Game The third game was certainly the closest up to present in early-middle game. This could be seen through the first room, where Jankos ganked the bot to help Mikyx get the first blood. G2 also tried to plunge the Lonely Ghost into the water, but Ghost traded two wins for one, so it was a two-for-two total. However, DWG quickly began to pick up the pace, registering a number of victories in skirmishes across the map. Additionally, they killed Mikyx multiple times as he found himself caught off guard. Despite being late, G2 found a few wins and managed to keep DWG Gold from getting too out of hand. It’s important to note, however, that DWG was able to stack dragons and was about Mountain Soul at 18 minutes. This was extremely important because the soul was effectively canceling Caps’ impact on Akali. But before we got to this soul fight, there was a bit of a swing. DWG chose Caps and then took two higher turns thereafter. Then they moved to Baron, but G2 challenged him and ended up fighting them and killing several members. Because of this, the game was quite tense and it looked like G2 could have found its balance. Finally, at 24 minutes, the fourth dragon appeared. Unfortunately for G2, they never had a good fight as Mikyx was surprised again, meaning that DWG secured the Mountain Soul shield with ease. Minutes later another team fight erupted in the middle lane, where DWG cut G2’s tow and took on the Baron. All DWG needed after that was one last team fight to kill three from G2, cross the bottom lane, and destroy G2’s base. Quick Stats: Time: 31:46 Kills: 10-22 Turrets: 2-9 Gold: 51.1k-59.0k Dragons: 0-4 Barons: 0-1 Game Four The fourth game in the series might be here ‘one of the strangest we have seen in a while. It started with Showmaker putting on a show, killing Caps solo just three minutes away. A minute later, he walked up to dive Wunder with Nuguri and kill the top laner G2. Then the focus is on the bottom lane, where DWG picked Mikyx to put another kill on the board. The only thing G2 managed to do during this time was take a Rift Herald. But even that wasn’t great as they left Ghost’s robot Caitlyn to free the farm tower plates. Another skirmish broke out at 10 minutes, where DWG picked up another casualty. After that, they completed the already low lower lane tower for the first tower bonus. All G2 could do was use his Herald consolation for a shabby tower on the top lane. In the next few minutes, more solo attacks came out. Nuguri’s solo killed Jankos, and not wanting to be outdone, Canyon solo killed Wunder. Then DWG demolished a few towers and laid eyes on the third dragon. An Unexpected End When this happened, the teams came together for a team fight in the middle. The setup actually favored G2 this time around. It was one for one though, with DWG claiming the dragon afterwards. Then the madness started. DWG used the Herald Mid to take a level two tower. That one went down, then Wunder followed him to the grave. So DWG got another charge to take the inhibitor tower. But they had another choice, so they also went for the inhibitor. But they didn’t stop. DWG continued to advance, brawling with G2 even in their base. With just 18 minutes on the game clock, DWG destroyed both Nexus towers. There was more bloodshed but G2 didn’t even manage to fight seriously in these final moments. As a result, DWG took G2 away from its own Nexus, crushing it to end the game. With that, DWG took revenge, they waited a year and secured their place in the 2020 World Finals. Quick Stats: Time : 18:58 Victims: 16-2 Turrets: 7-1 Gold: 40.1k-28.6k Dragons: 3-0 Barons: 0-0

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