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League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] Suning Gaming Eliminates Top Esports In Epic LPL-Style Series, Advancing To Finals


Source: Riot Games The final semi-final match of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship was marked by an epic clash of LPL teams. Dark Horses Suning Gaming managed to topple league champion Top Esports 3-1, knocking them out of the competition and advancing to the final. The LPL ‘lions’ quickly took advantage of opponents’ mistakes throughout the series, while showing their dominance early in the game, guaranteeing Tier 1 perks. Suning Gaming was able to close the games with mastery by having the player skills to save endgame skirmishes. Much like their previous match against Fnatic, Top Esports had the odds against their favor, with an enemy win far from elimination by Game 3, scoring 1-2 against Suning Gaming. However, the result was not positive. Suning Gaming will travel to the 2020 World Championship Finals, to take on LCK Summer Split Champion DAMWON Gaming. .

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