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League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] Inven Global Meme Awards: G2 Esports vs. DAMWON Gaming


By popular demand, the Inven Global Meme Awards are back, with the spectacular semi-final between G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming. Spoilers: It’s tough for Mikyx. The most notable memory from Game 1 will be iG and ShowMaker Emoticon FPX when you kill G2 players solo. It was, apparently, enough to anger some fans. Speaking of Quickshot, he knew how it was going to end from the start so he tried to save some money at G2 Esports. While G2 recovered in Game 2 to tie the score, Game 3 was difficult. Mikyx’s Pantheon struggled, but the Jungle Difference – aka the Canyon Difference – was huge, too. Again, wait until you get to Game 4 … Game 4 ended in 19:03 minutes – the fastest game in World Cup history. G2 took it with a smile on their faces, as did the community. While it might be a disappointing way out, it was G2’s third semi-final appearance in three years. .

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