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League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] G2 Esports Quarter-Finals MVP vs Gen.


At first glance, G2 Esports’ 3-0 sweep against General G in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship quarter-finals could be seen as such a one-sided streak that the G2 player with the highest stats in the league. series would be gifted. honors for the player in the series without a contextual assessment of these statistics. In this series, that couldn’t be further from the truth. G2 Esports mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther certainly recorded the best number of his team members, and while this wasn’t the one-man show Caps put on during G2’s summer crisis, it was undoubtedly the best player on Summoner’s Rift and the main difference factor in G2’s triumph over General G. Caps was deservedly awarded the Player of the Series title, so let’s break down his dominance against Gen. G and how he created the most influence any individual has on G2 Esports. A Date with Destiny G2 Esports and Gen.G’s rosters are teeming with talent, but the first game of the series was between Caps and Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong on the middle lane. During its League of Legends Champions Korea debut with CJ Entus, Bdd was hailed as the second coming of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, and although Bdd has not eclipsed the most iconic Bonjwa in the history of LoL Esports, he’s built a career for himself with many highs rivaling or even surpassing Faker at times. Caps, on the other hand, was ironically dubbed “ Baby Faker ” even before his debut in the League of Legends European Championship series due to his incredibly high skill cap, which was met with skepticism and mockery until Caps established himself as the greatest western mid laner in every League of Legends game. All of this to say that the midfield match was a first-class showdown between world-class talent and would provide entertainment regardless of the outcome of the series. In the first game, General G responded to Caps’ Twisted Fate choice with Bdd signing Azir in an effort to absorb the pressure from the start of the game and move on to higher team combat, objective control. and a seat potential. While the start of the game was favorable to the composition of General G.’s scaling, the battle of attrition started to be uneven as Caps’ use of Destiny on Twisted Fate continued to provide benefits. more important to G2 than generation G. By the time Azir reached critical mass, it was too late for General G. General G adjusted in Game 2 by choosing Twisted Fate for Bdd and thus denying the semi-global pressure of the Card Master’s Destiny, but Caps responded intelligently with Sylas. Not only does Sylas give Caps a lot of autonomy in G2’s aggressive meltdowns, Unshackled’s ultimate allows Sylas to steal his opponents’ ultimate abilities. Fate was in Caps again, and he provided much more value in Game 2 and again in Game 3 when the midway match was a throwback. G2 Esports entered their quarter-final against General G as a top-form team at the 2020 Worlds, and are expected to win the series regardless of the details of the middle lane. Support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle also had a phenomenal streak, doing play after play put together by Jhin de Luka “Perkz” Perković throughout the series. Martin “Wunder” Hansen gave jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the rest of his teammates plenty of opportunities to exploit General G Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee in the top lane. Nonetheless, Caps’s best individual performance that day cannot be denied. The streak wasn’t as one-sided as the 3-0 record might indicate, and in the final pair of games Bdd did a much better job of matching Caps after ditching Azir and creating his own opportunities for his. team on Twisted Fate. Every start to the game was a bloody war of attrition, but as time passed in each match, Caps’s games continued to yield more pound-for-pound benefit than Comic’s responses. The context for Caps’s instrumental role in the one-sided G2 Esports series vs. Gen.G result is supported by the stats: 4/1/11 on Twisted Fate, 11/0/11 on Sylas, 6/3 / 13 on Sylas . Awarding a Player of the Match honor should never be decided on statistics alone, especially in a series that was much more competitive than the 3-0 record suggests. However, this time the stats tell the whole story: Caps is the hard carry of an immensely talented and booming G2 Esports. G2 Esports are heading to the 2020 Worlds semi-finals to take on current tournament favorite, DAMWON Gaming. The series will be a much tougher battle for the LEC champion than today’s series against Gen.G, but Caps could be the only mid laner in the tournament who can match Heo “ShowMaker” Su due to a more performance. silent than expected from Top Esports mid laner Zhuo “knight” Ding. Since winning the LEC 2020 Summer Split MVP, Caps has only gotten better and better, and like a tide-raising ship, the rest of the G2 has leapt with it. If G2 were to repeat their 2019 World Cup quarter-final loss to DAMWON Gaming, they would advance to their second consecutive World Championship final and face the LPL semi-final winner on the other side of the Top Esports and Suning. * Photos of Yicun Liu for Riot Games * For more information and LoL Esports content, visit our section dedicated to League of Legends! Find full schedules, parentheses and more for your favorite esports at Juked.gg.

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