League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] FNC Press Conference: Mithy: “I’m super proud… I don’t think they should be ashamed.”


Fnatic came to one game after beating LPL top seed and World Cup favorites Top Esports in a neat 3-0 sweep, but they were unable to close the series, securing a setback for the first time in the history of the World Cup. At the end of the day they were knocked out, but not before fighting it out and reminding fans around the world that FNC is a team you can never count on. not when they’re 7-9 in the LEC Summer Split about to miss the playoffs, and not when they’re in the World Cup quarter-finals against the World Cup favorites and the LPL’s top seed. In their first two games, they completely erased the lower TES lane, with Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov taking all the priority, even setting their own record, with the backing of TES, Liang “yuyanjia” Jia-Yuan, die most times of any player in the history of the 15-minute Worlds with five deaths. But in the next three, they couldn’t get the same advantage. After the series, they spoke to the press around the world to talk about the series and their future. Watch the press conference here or read the transcript below: (To Bwipo) In the first game you played Singed, which was the champion’s first appearance at the 2020 Worlds. Can we know the reason for that choice? Bwipo: I think we just think Singed is an unexplored champion. He’s quite good against mobile champions thanks to his Mega Adhesive’s grounding effect. This is in combination with the fact that he puts a lot of pressure on Ornn in the laning phase and makes it difficult for Ornn to leave his lane. This makes Singed a very good match for my style of play, and overall a very good champion. I think the main reason Singed doesn’t see the game is because it isn’t explored enough. (To Mithy) In Game 3, you drafted Vel’koz and Kha’Zix as your mid / jungle combination. Was it a prepared strategy? Mithy: We played Vel’koz in a scrim against DRX, and after trying it once on our own, we realized it was actually quite good. For the choice of the jungle, we were absorbing a lot of prohibitions and Selfmade was famous for his Kha’Zix, and he felt really confident about it. We took that, but we were also a bit short of options in the jungle. Under these circumstances, I think it was a good choice. (To Hylissang) You’re really good at champions like Sett and Rakan who can commit, and you’re able to have a good laning phase on those choices as well. Do you have any special advice Hylissang: Yes: Don’t flash back, just flash forward. (To Rekkles) Today you and Hylissang had a very good performance in the bottom lane. This is the first time you’ve faced Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo in almost two years. Did you feel a difference in the game compared to the last time? Rekkles: I think we did better this time around than we did in the 2018 Worlds final, but I think we also played well against him on Invictus Gaming in the group stage at the 2018 Worlds. feels like our bot lane is still doing well against everyone in the world, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to me that we performed well today, but I still feel like we could have Do more. I feel like we haven’t pushed our advantages enough, and that’s a shame because I feel like the bot was one of Top Esports’ weaknesses today. I don’t know if this is generally the case; our preparation was not something down the lane of TES being the worst part of the team. We actually thought every part of their team was good so it was a bit of a surprise to me. It’s a shame we didn’t push our advantages further into 2v2, but like you said we performed pretty well today so I’m happy with that part. (To Mithy) Did you expect this series to play all five games today depending on how prepared you are? Mithy: Yeah, I didn’t expect it to be five games * laughs * not that way, at least. I think it was a good series – we had prepared the first three games, but for the fourth game, we kind of bet that TES wasn’t playing Sett. It was a really good Sett angle for them so we took it on our own and it was a little scuffed. If they had chosen Vayne for the last time or something, it could have been severely punished. In Game 5 I think we winged it a bit too much, but it was okay anyway. Bwipo, you have decided to ban Sion in Game 5. What was the most difficult part of dealing with Sion in Game 4? Bwipo: My support told me in the selection of champions, “Please, Bwipo. Ban Sion for me.” So I said, “Okay.” I didn’t mind playing against him – the pressure in the lane was quite strong; 369 plays the champion very well, but ultimately I didn’t mind because I was progressing comfortably on my Ornn. However, when my teammate asks me nicely and says “please”, I will help him. (To Hylissang) You were really playing and dating today, but you’ve also been criticized this season for being surprised and dying. How do you think your performance was today? Hylissang: I need to watch the games because maybe my point of view is different, but I felt like I played games 1 and 2. The third game would have been quite difficult to win compared to where we were as a team, but if you look at how Rekkles and I played out on the lane, our opponents outperformed the champions with a favorable game against us. I would say Rekkles and I played really well in Game 3. Game 4 I was playing pretty well until I tried to force a few games without my teammates. I played a bit poorly, and it backfired a lot and the game went a different way. Later there was another hiccup that I called, there was a little disagreement, then it backfired on us. In the fifth game, I think we played really well. (To Selfmade) You put on a fantastic performance in your first Worlds and a lot of people have said that this meta looks great on you. What kind of experience was the 2020 World Cup from your point of view? Selfmade: Well, since it was my first world event, I was just looking for a new experience and getting better as a player. As far as the current meta is comfortable for me, yes transport junglers are my thing. I am happy with how far we have come. We were close to reaching the semi-finals, but Top Esports was just plain better today. (To Rekkles) You outperformed JackeyLove individually in the laning phase. Are you satisfied with your performance in this series? Rekkles: As I mentioned earlier, we were talking about how Hylissang and I were going in the laning phase, and I was glad we were doing well. It is true that I am very happy that we were able to once again show our strengths as a duo on the international stage. I think it’s something we’ve managed to do in previous years as well, but it’s always nice to see that we still have it year after year. Still, no one will really remember how we played today. I don’t think the way we played allows us to lose, so because of that I think a loss is a loss and a win is a win. In a week or two I will come back to this series, but I think I will always be very disappointed with what I managed to do today. Hope to have another chance to play against JackeyLove again in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came all the way this year and won his 2nd Worlds. We’ll see, but hopefully I can play him again in 2021. JackeyLove is a fun player to play against because he’s always pushing the game somewhere. He doesn’t let the state of the game be, and I think it’s exciting to play against. (To Selfmade) Entering Worlds 2020, the meta was seen to primarily feature agricultural transport junglers, but some junglers have shown that an early game jungle style can work as well. In your opinion, is the 2020 Worlds Jungle meta more flexible than most people think? Selfmade: In my eyes, the meta has three main champions: Nidalee, Graves, and Lilia. When those champions are out, you can play whatever you want. In most cases, you can pick one of these three champions in every draft as they aren’t often banned. If one of them is banned, you can just take one of the other two. That’s why it’s been a jungle farming meta. As far as support junglers go, I can’t think of a single game where a team played a support jungler, so I’m not really sure. (To Mithy) I noticed Fnatic seemed more relaxed after this tough loss than previous painful losses. Did you work on mental toughness with the team as a head coach? Mithy: I wasn’t really there in previous years, so I don’t know how it was handled, but it’s not the same to lose a quarterfinal and a final for sure. Other than that, it’s lost, right? It is done. I think overall we’ve had a good year and had a lot of struggles throughout the year so I think by the way the guys should be really proud of themselves. Some of the guys … * laughs * even myself have all had times where we thought we weren’t going to qualify for the Worlds this summer. I’m super proud of them and I don’t think they should be ashamed at all. (To Rekkles) With the strength of the snipers at the 2020 Worlds, did you feel under the same level of pressure as you would on more carry-centric choices? Rekkles: It’s a different kind of pressure. I feel like when you’re ‘the guy’ on your team things are a lot easier, but there’s pressure when it really matters in the clutch. However, in a meta utility like this there are many different types of pressure. You have to perform well at different stages of the game. For example, I would say the start of the game is very important in the current meta. You have to play your laning phase really well and you have to be proactive, which is unusual for an AD Carry, so I think there is a difference. Normally you think utility champions are easier to play than to wear, but I think no matter what you’re going to play there’s a lot of pressure to perform and give your team what they need from you. . All images via: Riot Games For more LoL Esports news and content, visit our dedicated League of Legends section! Find full schedules, brackets and more for your favorite esports at! .

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