League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] DWG Zefa press conference: “I’m glad we can finally stop people from framing [G2], Korean Killer. “


▲ Source: LoL Esports DAMWON Gaming claimed revenge against G2 Esports in the semi-finals of the LoL 2020 World Championship. With a 3-1 victory, DAMWON Gaming sent the LEC champions home, including the most short of the Game 4 Worlds. G2 Esports was the “LCK Killer” for the past two years, but DAMWON Gaming finally broke the curse. and proceeded to the final. After the game, members of DAMWON Gaming gathered to speak at the press conference. (To ShowMaker) You’ve just claimed your revenge against G2 Esports and you’re planning a final against Top Esports or Suning. How liberating was it to experience this? And how important was that since you felt like G2 was the mental block you wanted to overcome as you made it to LCK’s first World Finals since 2017? ShowMaker: I feel good that we got revenge last year. It also feels good that we took revenge on the LCK since G2 has always won against LCK teams. On the mental side, G2 were a team that were really good at changing our mentality, so we really tried to stay focused. We will play against Suning or Top Esports, and I think that also helped a lot against them. (To Nuguri) With your victory today, it’s the first time in three years that we’ve had an LCK team in the World Cup final. What do you think of that and how did the LCK manage to come back to the last game of the season? Nuguri: For the LCK, I’m proud that we reached the final, and I think it’s also very positive for DAMWON. We have learned a lot by winning. The coaching staff at DAMWON Gaming is truly exceptional. Their ability to lead us is really good, so I think it had a big effect. ▲ Source: Riot Games (Canyon) You will have to face SofM or Karsa in the final. Who would you like to face? How do you think you are playing against them? Canyon: Both players have their strengths. Personally, I think SofM is more difficult to face. I think there will be less pressure against Karsa. As the final approaches, I will try to use my strength and play well with my teammates. (ShowMaker) Why did you use the LPL team emoticons? How do you think tomorrow’s game will go? ShowMaker: I flashed ’18 IG and ’19 FPX because those are the two teams that beat G2. I think Suning and Top Esports are both great teams. I think the team which is in better condition tomorrow will qualify for the final. (To Zefa) In Game 2 today, DAMWON lost to the blue side for the first time since the summer split. Which side is more advantageous in the current meta? Zefa: In fact, in the current meta, there is no side that has a clear advantage over the other side. It depends on the champion pool. So we thought we would have the advantage against G2 if we played on the red side, so we chose the red side. In the end, it could depend on who comes up. It will be different depending on our pool of champions and theirs. (For Zefa) DAMWON excels in both team fighting and macro. As a head coach, do you think this playstyle is the best playstyle for the metadata? Zefa: Regardless of the meta, LoL is a game that needs to be good at both team fighting and macro. (To Ghost) You have joined the team this season and you have performed well, helping to achieve good results. What is the reason why you were able to create such a good synergy? Ghost: With my teammates, they are very good teammates so I didn’t feel any pressure. In addition, anything was possible since the coaches guided us so well. (To Canyon) DAMWON will face an LPL team in the final. It will be the final between Korea and China for the first time in six years. What do you think, as the youngest member of the team, to make history? Canyon: I had no idea it was Korea against China for the first time in six years, but since the LCK came to the final I would really like to win and take up the Summoner’s Cup. (To BeryL) Why did you choose Hail of Blades Braum? And how would you rate Mikyx’s performance on Pantheon in Game 3? BeryL: I wanted to take Domination, but I couldn’t choose anything except Hail of Blades. I wanted to take Relentless Hunter, so I had no choice. And Mikyx’s performance on Pantheon was good. Pantheon is a champion who rots if he doesn’t get enough benefits early in the game. There wasn’t much he could do since he was too dead. If he hadn’t died on the dive I think we would have fallen a lot behind. (To Ghost) These are your first worlds. You have done really well personally and as a team. How do you feel when you arrive here? Ghost: Unlike my teammates, it took me a long time to get here. Even though I am here at the world championships for the first time, I am extremely happy to have reached the final. I really want to win the championship to make the LCK the stronger league again. (For ShowMaker) Caps likes to use the map a lot. What have you prepared to deal with Capsule roaming? ShowMaker: I was aware that Caps likes to use the map extensively, so whenever he disappeared I would make quick calls. I also tried to play champions who can catch up with his tempo. ▲ Source: Riot Games (to Zefa) How do you feel about ultimately preventing G2 from being the nightmare of LCK teams? Zefa: G2 is a team that is preparing very well in terms of picks and bans and games. They are really good even compared to other teams in the league. They did well when they met Korean teams. This time around, I feel really good that we were ahead of everything in terms of capacity. And I’m also happy that we can finally stop people framing them, “Korean Killer.” .

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