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League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] DWG Nuguri against G2: “We had our chance to get revenge.”


▲ Source: Riot Games On Saturday, the LoL World Championship 2020 semi-finals will begin. It will be the last hope of LCK, DAMWON Gaming, and LEC’s powerhouse, G2 Esports, will compete for a place in the Grand Final. Last year, DAMWON Gaming was eliminated by G2 Esports in the quarterfinals. After a year, they sharpen their blades for revenge. As Gen.G and DRX were eliminated in the quarterfinals, DAMWON Gaming is the last team in the LCK. Before the semi-finals, we reached out to Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon to ask how he was doing and how the team is preparing to face G2 Esports. You will face G2 Esports in the semi-finals. How are you? It’s not much different from other days. We practiced and played scrims. Playing solo queue after scrims… Other than that I talked to the coaches or just quality rest. Last year, G2 Esports denied you the semi-finals. When it was decided that G2 Esports would be your opponent for the semi-finals, how did the team react? The performance of G2 Esports in this world championship has been really strong and fierce, so we felt we had to prepare thoroughly. We also said that we had our chance to get revenge. Who is the player you are looking for the most? I’m mainly looking for Caps. His performance in the quarterfinals was truly amazing. How do you think the score would be against G2 Esports? Well i am not sure. It’s hard to say what the score of the match would be. We would need to play against them to really know. How are the conditions of the players? Everyone is well. I think we’re all fine. DAMWON Gaming is the last remaining team in the LCK now. Do you feel any pressure because of it? There is a little pressure, but everyone’s will to win the championship is very strong. Finally, a word to all the fans who encourage you? G2 is a team that creates a lot of variables and hits weaknesses really well. We need to have proper shots in the game more accurate. I will make sure to show what we have been working on and improving on over the past year in this semi. ▲ Source: Riot Games.

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