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League of Legends: Professionals and Analysts Predict 2020 Worlds Semi-Finals: “Unless DWG Stumbles On Their Own Legs, They Will Dominate G2”


The 2020 LoL World Championship semi-final is just around the corner. Many teams around the world have been fighting for their ultimate goal, the Summoner’s Cup, for almost a month now, and there are only four teams left: Top Esports, Suning, G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming. Over 5 million people took part in this year’s Pick’ems, and there are only 230 people left with perfect scores. For the semi-finals, Inven Global reached out to people with expertise on the stage for their predictions. Source: Riot Games Medic TES 3-1 Suning Top Esports have always had Suning’s number in the LPL, beating them 3-0 the last time the teams met. Although Suning has progressed throughout the tournament, I think TES has shown us an incredible degree of mental toughness and skill in reversing the FNC sweep. G2 3-1 DWG I’m definitely predicting a bit with my heart above my head here. G2 looked wild in their streak against Gen.G, and they found a way to alleviate some of the main weaknesses that had manifested themselves earlier in the tournament. DWG are an amazing team, and if it’s about team fights I think they’re definitely favored, but if G2 can play the skirmish style they showed against Gen G, they’ve got it. a very good chance to defeat the number 1 seed in the LCK. . Source: Riot Games Ssumday TES 3-2 Suning I thought TES would win the world championship this year, but they struggled on their way. But I still think TES would win. DWG 3-1 G2 I really like Nuguri’s playstyle, so I like watching DWG matches. But… DWG was still too dominant; the games weren’t that fun to watch [laughs]. Either way, I think DWG would win, but since G2 are a really good team, they would probably be able to win a game. Source: Riot Games Bang DWG 3-0 G2 I think DWG can defend the way G2 plays when it wins. Source: Riot Games GBM Suning 3-1 or 3-2 TES Looking only at the quarter-finals, I would like to raise Suning’s hand. 3-1 or 3-2? There are things that TES won in the quarterfinals, but they also revealed weaknesses. If they insist on picks and bans like their match against FNC, I’ll say SN can take them. The junglers game is the most important here, and I think SofM is a better player than Karsa. DWG 3-0 G2 There is no doubt. Gen. G attacked G2 a little carelessly, but DWG will not be neglected. Unless DWG stumbles on its own, they will dominate G2. Both teams are teams of five players into one, but DWG’s level of completeness is much higher. I would say DWG is around 95% and G2 78%. Source: Riot Games YoungBuck Suning 3-2 TES G2 3-2 DWG. draft. For the DAMWON series, it’s tough because both teams come from a 3-0 win, so I think it could be a five-game series. LS TES 3-0 Suning DWG 3-0 G2 DWG has been so consistently dominant with very little float in their gameplay. While I personally think G2 has posted the best LoL games this year in isolated incidents, like Spring vs FNC, I think they are weaker overall and DWG is too strong for team fights and mistakes. of punishment. The approach to playing with the champions is currently perfect for Damwon. .

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