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League of Legends: [OFFICIAL] Bjergsen to retire, head coach of TSM in 2021


Source: TSM TSM has announced that longtime mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg will be retiring from League of Legends competition – as a player. Bjergsen, who is co-owner of TSM, will be the head coach of TSM’s League of Legends Championship Series team in 2021. Bjergsen started his LoL Esports career as a promising young rookie on Worst Team Copenhagen Wolves of the European League 2013. of Legends Championship Series, but his individual performance has left an impression both in Europe and North America. Bjergsen was signed by NA’s TSM powerhouse to replace founder Andy “Reginald” Dinh, who was retiring from competitive gaming to focus on growing the organization as a full-time business. Bjergsen started in the middle lane for TSM for seven full seasons. During that time, he qualified for five world championships, won six national championships and won the LCS Most Valuable Player award four times. TSM qualified for the 2020 World Championship as North America’s first seed after winning their first LCS Championship in five split times, but failed to win a group stage match despite entering Group C as a No.1 seed. Bjergsen’s retirement marks the end of an era for the North American League of Legends. Bjergsen was the second player to be imported into an LCS squad – Edward “Edward” Abgaryan played for Team Curse in the summer of 2013 – and undeniably upped the level of talent that the region as a whole boasted simply by giving his teammates and players a new benchmark of individual prowess to achieve. Once considered North America’s greatest international prospect, Bjergsen will now be a benchmark of excellence for any LCS player looking to prove himself as a world-class talent. For more information and content on LoL Esports, visit our section dedicated to League of Legends! Find full schedules, brackets and more for your favorite esports at Juked.gg! .

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