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League of Legends: LCK franchise final teams postponed to early November, Kt Rolster confirms spot


▲ Source: Riot Games Inven has confirmed after checking with Riot Korea that the teams for the LCK franchise will be finalized in November, instead of mid-October as originally planned. Last August, Riot announced 10 favorite teams along with five more on the waiting list. The roster included nine LCK and hyFresh Blade teams from Challengers Korea. SeolHaeOne Prince was the only LCK team not on the Preferred List as they were high on the waitlist. Riot Games began final franchise negotiations with Preferred Teams in early September. Meanwhile, one of the favorite organizations, KT Sports, which manages kt Rolster, had announced that it had acquired a place in the LCK franchise. According to the public announcement, the LCK franchise slot costs KRW 10 billion (around $ 8.8 million) and can be paid back over five years. KT Sports is said to have invested 64% of its total assets to secure a place in the LCK. .

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