League of Legends is among the top 20 most marketable sports properties

Traditional sports still dominate the list of the most marketable sports in the world, however, League of Legends has made its way into the top 20. The news comes from SponsorPulse’s opportunity score and sees LoL ahead of Formula 1, Manchester City FC, NFL and Chicago Bulls as the 12th most marketable sports property in the world. The only other gaming IP address on the list is the Call of Duty League, which comes in at 41st place. Showing that gaming is quickly becoming a power in the eyes of consumers around the world. For LoL, it’s been a huge 12 months for the marketing of its global leagues and global event. Chinese platform Bilibili has secured exclusive online rights to the league, which are believed to be worth $ 113 million. Elsewhere, Riot Games have signed deals with Mercedes, Oppo, Spotify, AX, and Louis Vuitton to name a few to work with them on the 2020 Worlds. This, along with regional leagues in North America, d He Europe, China and South Korea have seen LoL sign a number of major partnerships. LEC, one of LoL’s major regions, saw tremendous audience growth in 2020. At the time, we wrote: “A total of 40,041,750 hours were watched by viewers for the split. Additionally, this is an 85% increase from 2019, meaning the region’s popularity has exploded over the course of a year. Part of this can be attributed to the international success of G2 Esports last year. But viewers also watched the rise of Rogue and MAD Lions, and the bittersweet Schalke 04 miracle race. It has truly been an unforgettable year. With the growing popularity of esports still on the rise, LoL will likely be joined by more esports titles in the years to come. For LoL, the current 2020 Worlds are being played on LAN in China, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. An exploit that saw the title already receive record audience figures with the 2020 World Cup likely to break records again. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Riot Games even sought to have a small number of fans at the grand finale. With around 6k tickets available, Riot Games China has seen over two million desperate fans sign up for one of these golden tickets. Here is a complete list of the 40 most marketable sports titles: FIFA World Cup Summer Olympics NBA Real Madrid FC Barcelona Winter Olympics UEFA Champions League UEFA European Championships Manchester United Premier League Liverpool League of Legends FIFA Women’s World Cup Formula 1 LA Lakers Manchester City LaLiga Juventus NFL Inter Milan WWE AC Milan FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup Serie A World Table Tennis Championships Chelsea Chicago Bulls FC Bayern Munich Wimbledon US Open WTA Tour Australian Open ICC Cricket World Cup Arsenal ATP Paralympic Games Bundesliga Indian Premier League Atletico Madrid UFC

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