League of Legends: DYN Beyond retires as professional player, becomes coach


▲ Source: Team Dynamics Team Dynamics has announced that Kim “Beyond” Kyu-seok will be retiring from professional gaming. Beyond debuted in 2015 as a member of MVP. He helped promote the team at the LCK of Challengers Korea. After joining Team Dynamics in 2020, Beyond once again led the team to promotion. Team Dynamics stuck to Beyond’s intention to make a fresh start, stepping back from his professional career. They will be showcasing Beyond’s photo and jersey in their new team facility which will be completed in December. Beyond’s next step will be as a coach in Team Dynamics. “The pressure of living as a professional player made me retire,” said Beyond, “I want to follow the path of a coach who could find and teach young prospects. Thank you to all the fans who have encouraged me in my career as a professional player. .

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