Lawsuit Claims Bethesda Purposefully Sabotaged Rune 2 In Favor Of The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda is now facing prosecution for allegedly sabotaging Rune 2 in an effort to protect The Elder Scrolls franchise. This information follows a lawsuit last year where the publisher of Rune 2, Ragnarok Games, sued Human Head Studios, the game developer, for deliberately ruining the launch of Rune 2 by failing to transfer the source code for continue to support the game after the studio let the title dry on launch day. Now that lawsuit has gotten even more complicated as it now includes Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax. On Rune 2’s launch day, Human Head Studios announced that it was shutting down permanently. It was a move that surprised gamers, and although the publisher promised continued support, it ultimately led to a very dark path for the game. While the publisher initially tackled the studio development, they now cite that ZeniMax and Bethesda Softworks attempted to further sabotage the launch by reforming the split-up studio under Bethesda’s umbrella under the Roadhouse banner. The publisher was unaware of these moves, and this restructuring turned the company upside down as the news grabbed the headlines. Ragnarok Games is now citing that ZenixMax worked alongside Human Head prior to launch in order to sabotage the first day of Rune 2 release. The lawsuit alleges that ZeniMax explicitly told former Human Head developers not to share the coding of the game with their old publisher, including assets and source code that could help support Rune 2 after launch. While the case is pending, it seems Ragnarok paints the picture that ZeniMax offered a buyout to Human Head and part of that negotiation was to deliberately sabotage the entire launch. The lawsuit claims that Rune 2 was seen as a viable competitor for Skyrim, which the publisher says is the reason for ZeniMax’s poaching of Human Head and the care of Rune’s sequel. Currently, Ragnarok is looking to collect $ 1 million in compensation from ZeniMax on top of all other acquired fees. What do you think of the claims against ZeniMax regarding Rune 2? Viable or far? Give your opinion in the comments section below.

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