Korean LoL Faker and Teddy Star legends in new Wild Rift commercial as riots brace for mobile Esports Push

League of Legends’ mobile version, Wild Rift, is slated for release later this year, and Riot Games is already looking to leverage its biggest esports stars to create a buzz for the new title. Over the weekend, the company released a new commercial for Wild Rift featuring legendary Korean contestants Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo, as well as Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, which has been the face of League of Legends competition since 2013. Riot will enter a crowded market for mobile MOBA titles effectively created by the success of League of Legends over the past decade and Riot’s decision not to make a release. mobile from its famous PC title before now. Games such as Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends Bang Bang have created robust eSports ecosystems with established teams and leagues. The publisher appears to be looking to leverage the massive global presence of the League of Legends esports to help jumpstart Wild Rift’s growth in this market. The game will of course also have the added benefit of using the intellectual property of one of the most popular video games of the last decade. The combination of this major intellectual property and the established prestige of esports can enable Wild Rift to do what no other mobile MOBA has done – create a sustainable ecosystem in the United States Vainglory and Arena of Valor have made a concerted effort to establish MOBA mobile esport in the United States. in vain. Major esports organizations in the region have pulled out of the titles and most have little mobile presence these days except for a few teams from the Clash Royale League and TSM’s Indian team PUBG Mobile. As such, while Riot will face major esports in regions like China and Southeast Asia, the US market is wide open for a mobile title that can sustain competitive interest.

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