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K / DA Seraphine will receive their own League of Legends Series 4 figure


League of Legends’ new champion and aspiring K-pop star Seraphine will soon receive her very own figure. A trendy K / DA doll, the Series 4 action figure has been leaked by official League of Legends merchandise collector @PeterCN, who appears to have managed to get their hands not only on the singer’s statuette, but also on a series of goodies with World and K / DA themes. The leaked products include an exclusive K / DA pin collector set, complete with Akali’s motorcycle helmet, a light wand, the band’s logo, and a crown, costing 159 yuan. A glimpse of the Light Wand can be seen sneaking up the side of the stack of Seraphine figure boxes. Just like in previous years, Riot Games will release a miniature of the coveted Summoner’s Cup. It’s still unclear when these items will be available for purchase, but given the photos, it’s safe to guess that lucky fans who attend the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Finals will be able to snag them firsthand. Looking for more esports merchandise, fashion and tech? Discover Inven Culture. .

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