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For the first time since 2017, Europe will not have a representative in the League of Legends World Championship final. With their loss to DAMWON Gaming today, G2 Esports excluded themselves from competing for the final and will take the long journey back to Berlin to lick their injuries and regroup before the 2021 LEC Spring Split. This series was an unworthy cornerstone of what had otherwise been a successful tournament for G2. Game 4 of the series saw DWG claim the fastest win in Worlds history, which made them look like an incredibly menacing team heading into their final game. One of the main issues G2 faced in this tournament was adjusting to a jungle carry style, which has found worldwide popularity thanks to the strength of champions like Graves, Nidalee and Kindred. While jungler Jankos has proven to be more than capable of mechanically executing on these champions at a high level, this is not the only hoop that needs to be crossed to prepare a carrier jungler to be successful. G2 is a team defined by its solo laners, and Jankos is a player typically used to provide utility to those solo laners for dealing massive damage. This involves constant early game ganking and the loss of camps in the jungle – the exact opposite of the jungle playstyle at this World Championship. G2 seemed lost in a meta where Jankos was not around to provide 24/7 air support to his laners, and while his execution of the champions was solid, the team’s understanding of how they were to function was no was not. This need to fulfill a carrier role comes with its own unique level of pressure for a jungler. During the post-match press conference following their loss to DWG, Jankos said learning how to play that jungle style with the team playing around him is new to G2. This forced Jankos to “try a lot more in scrum” and “better review games” to try and explain his decisions to a team relying on him for constant damage. But Jankos went on to explain that while he felt like “the meta was in the jungle a lot this year,” the meta is “always around the jungle – it just depends on whether you’re supposed to be ganking or farming. . ” Junglers are offered a level of card mobility not found in any other role in League of Legends, and therefore have tremendous pressure to be where their team needs them to provide support. Ultimately, these players are professionals, and Jankos believes that despite the added pressure this year, “you still have to perform at the world championships”. In this regard, he says, his responsibilities “were not that different from those of last year.” Although the race for the G2 World Championship ends today, they will look to come back stronger than ever in 2021, regardless of the jungle meta.

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