India’s longest serving Partnered Twitch Streamer makes YouTube Switch


Mohit ‘SuperMad’ Rajgaria has finally ventured into the YouTube streaming space after spending the past 4+ years as a partner streamer on Twitch. The Bangalore-based esports enthusiast is an IT professional by trade, but had served his viewers with daily streams on Twitch except Saturdays, spending over 4 hours a night after his regular office hours out of love and passion for streaming and esport. After 700+ streams on Twitch, SuperMad finally decided to switch to YouTube, a decision he made at random one morning but had been a thought in his head for over a year. Another factor in the change was Twitch’s constant neglect of demand from Indian servers. SuperMad’s choice to stream on YouTube was also preceded by an offer from a rival streaming platform that recently acquired streamers in volume. But SuperMad had reservations about the long-term viability of the unnamed platform and opted to switch to YouTube instead while writing a heartfelt message to their fans on their social media with an email to Twitch Support, recounting his decision and the reasons for it.

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