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Here’s why UK retailer appears to be selling Xbox Series X for £ 2,449 – Esports Ray


We’re all looking to get a piece of the next gen’s pie, some are even pretty desperate actually, and we don’t blame you. But, we hope you are not so desperate. UK retailer Currys PC World is currently offering the Xbox Series X for an exorbitant price tag of £ 2,449. That’s right, nearly two and a half thousand of the Queen’s finest sterling and around US $ 3,200 at the time of writing, but why, you might be wondering, is a major UK retailer who deliberately sells the console at such a price. ridiculous price? Oddly enough, that surprise price tag is just another part of the retailer’s pre-order process. already pre-ordered the console. Every customer who managed to secure a pre-order was given a code that will effectively reduce the list by £ 2,000, down to the planned £ 449. Those who had pre-ordered an Xbox Series X (or PS5) with Currys were already required to deposit a deposit of £ 5 and this current situation is, presumably, a way for the retailer to give everyone the option of paying the full price of the console now, or when it ships in November. The UK can actually go to the order page and try to buy the console for the full £ 2,449, seriously. However, before gamers with more cash than sense jump the gun, Currys implemented built-in security, as all orders placed without the special promo code will be voided. Which, to be quite frank, is a very good thing, the codes were actually only valid until October 18, 2020, so now the page is idle with a big price tag. There’s a very good chance that the console’s price will drop back soon to allow others to pre-order, or just buy it on release day. If you want updates on Xbox Series X pre-orders, we actually have a dedicated update page. We also recommend that you follow @Esports RayDeals or @Esports RayUKDeals for live pre-order updates on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Robert Anderson is a Commerce Writer for Esports Ray. You can follow him @ robert parl21

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