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Here is the IP address of Valorant Mumbai servers to check your connectivity issues


Act of Riot’s third competitive shooter, Valorant, is finally here, and it has brought a plethora of game changes and new matchmaking servers for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. that players have been asking for since the release of Valorant. However, it appears that Valorant players in parts of India continue to experience high latencies despite the South Asian server located in Mumbai, India. This could be the result of routing issues, which can potentially be resolved by accessing the server’s IP addresses, and this is why Riot revealed the IP addresses of some of the newly implemented Mumbai servers yesterday in a Reddit thread. Here are the IP addresses of the Valorant servers in Mumbai that were revealed by a Riot developer: 1) To check your connectivity to these servers, open the command prompt by pressing Windows + R key in the same time and typing “cmd”. When done, type “ping” followed by the destination IP address, and you will be able to see your ping to the servers. Keep in mind that although you have good latencies, you cannot play competitive matchmaking in Valorant at this time due to an audio bug on all cards in the game. Riot has promised to keep the servers working for the ranking after the bug is fully fixed.

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