Hearthstone’s Madness At The Darkmoon Faire Is Coming In November

Hearthstone’s next big expansion is Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, and it’s slated to arrive on November 17th. The set features old gods doing all kinds of horrible evil cosmic things against the colorful backdrop of Darkmoon Faire’s carnival. If you’ve played World of Warcraft before, chances are you’ve already joined the fair on a quest to earn cool tickets, delicious treats, or to play some of these fun carnival games. Here in Hearthstone, the fair is full of new toys to play with! The old giant god cards are back, with new styles and abilities. N’zoth, C’thun, Y’shaarj, and others will spread their cosmic corruption on the inhabitants of Azeroth as they attempt to sample giant turkey thighs and beer flagons at the fair. These ancient gods are expensive to cast and are blessed with clairvoyant skills, but the corruption mechanic may be the most interesting thing about the set. Many card games turn into a quest to “play on the curve” in order to have an effective deck. That is, playing a one-cost card in turn one, a two-cost card in turn two, etc., in order to stay ahead of the game and your opponent. Corruption cards reward you for keeping your spells and possibly playing them later than the curve allows, as you have to play a higher casting cost card to trigger the corrupt effect. On some maps this is just a stat boost, on others it has more significant effects. Either way, you will hopefully have more decisions to make during a game instead of reducing everything by the numbers. Check out a nice talk about what’s going on in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire here. In addition to the new expansion, a new mode has been announced and also launched in Early Access. Duels! Hearthstone Duels is as if they’ve taken the dungeon exploration roguelike experiences they’ve created for solo adventures over the past few years and released it into a competitive PVP format. I praised these dungeon antics when they first started popping up, and that praise is likely to expand into this format. In Duels, anyone can be broken and overpowered, but it’s about who can come up with something more exploded during a race. With 15 of your own cards, special heroes, wild abilities, powerful passives, and incredible treasures, Duels is a mode with a ton of creativity and luck as you build your strategy over the course of multiple games. Early Access is available for a “preseason” trial for those who pre-order Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, but the mode will be available to everyone at no cost on November 12. Find out more about the duels below!

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