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Halo Movie: Guillermo del Toro apparently wanted Master Chief to have an evil twin – Esports Ray


In one of its many possible live-action incarnations, Halo was at one point poised to become a film directed by Guillermo del Toro. According to one of the developers of the original game, the director was at one point for an adaptation in which Master Chief had an evil twin who sided with the enemy faction, The Flood. Speaking of the latest episode of Esports Ray’s Devs React to Speedruns series, which focuses on Halo: Combat Evolved, environmental artist (and creator of the Halo title) Paul Russel referred to a del Toro script for a Halo movie, and commented on brought up a surprising plot detail: “Master Chief had a twin brother, and the twin brother sided with The Flood, and then the end of the movie was going to be brother versus brother. You can hear the discussion, which begins around 58:54 in the video below: The rest of the Devs React panel – made up of other Combat Evolved developers – expressed disbelief at the time of the plot, but Russel insists on the fact that it was at least an idea presented to the team by the manager. ”That’s what Joey [presumably Joseph Staten, Halo 1’s writer and cinematic director] said. Del Toro introduced him to Joe at his house. He would hit Joe on the arm and say, “And they’re brothers!” And they will fight in the end! Sadly, we don’t learn more about del Toro’s ideas until the panel turns to other topics, although Russel says he’s sure he could corroborate this story. Previously, he told Esports Ray he adapted the game into a screenplay with writer DB Weiss (Game of Thrones) in 2006, but ultimately chose to make Hellboy 2: The Golden Army instead. Halo has attached a number of major writers and directors over the years. of del Toro and Weiss, the project also crossed the offices of Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp, ​​Alex Garland.In its latest form, live-action Halo is an executive of the Showtime television series produced by Steven Spielberg, and starring Pablo Schreiber (Orange Is the New Black, First Man) as Master Chief. The last time we heard it, the series is advancing to Showtime, but doesn’t have a release date. Joe Skrebels is Esports Ray’s News Editor. Follow him on Twitter. Do you have any advice for us? to discuss a possible story? Please email again stips@ign.com.

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