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Godfall Devs on ‘Handyman’s Dream’ loot, progression, and completion – Esports Ray


Any good loot game that’s worth its loot should have a solid understanding of its inventory system and customization options. Players must want to keep looking for more loot, while still finding value in what they have already acquired. Next-generation console and PC on November 12. Speaking with Esports Ray, Senior Technical Producer Richard Heyne told us about the philosophy behind Godfall’s loot, the customization options it offers, and the many ways the developers hope to make players look good, feel powerful Watch the video above for an overview of some of Godfall’s customization and UI options, and read on to learn more about the philosophy and practical application of Counterplay’s work. Tinker’s Dream Like Heyne and I have talked about all of the options that Godfall has on hand, he used a phrase that best sums up the wide range of options players will have – the Godfall team aimed to make it “The Handyman’s Dream”. “We had this idea, we wanted [Godfall] to be the handyman’s dream. Anyone who likes to be intimate with their loot, put the pieces together, see the numbers and immediately see the impact, this is the kind of game we wanted to create, ”said Heyne. years of building this dream, some of the fundamentals crystallized very early on; namely, that what you acquire should make you look cool. At a high level, what’s exciting about Godfall and how we’re able to set up this progression and this satisfying desire to keep looking for more is that you really have to be right to look like tough guy, ”he said, noting that the early characters and weapon art really helped the team focus on the look of their long list of loot. were able to think, “Would I hunt this gun for hours right next to the visual appeal?” I’m not thinking about how it works or how the player is going to experience it beyond the visuals, but just that visual alone, would I chase that? Is it something that has this value? Is it worth my time? And once we could identify that, that’s when we moved on to our design and programming of our gameplay. But, as Heyne put it, the team wanted to make sure their booty “wasn’t entirely flash without a bang,” and the cosmetic attractiveness was certainly not the only consideration that had gone into it. In-game loot system. “For us, it was about how satisfied you looked at the start of Godfall and how you looked at the end. You should be proud of where your character is at the end and what your arsenal looks like, ”Heyne said. The master of the skill grid and experiment – which you can see in the video above or in the images below. “We really wanted there to be maximum flexibility with the skills grid. We wanted to avoid choice paralysis because Godfall’s combat can be fast-paced, it can be brisk. It’s action packed, and if every two levels you have to open the UI menu, read each individual skill, decide the best path for you … that wasn’t synonymous with what is Godfall, and that would really hamper the Godfall Skill Grid, Raising Constellations Although players start from one of the four corner nodes of the Skill Grid, they can respec their builds instantly and “are never married to yours. choice ”for any Valorplate skill tree. Skill points are transferred from one Valorplate to another in a universal system so players don’t have to worry about squeaking for levels with each Valorplate, or feel locked in if you decide, for example, to lose a lot of points to level up certain skills. “You are constantly able to evolve and change the way you play. And then when you land on something you like, you lock it in. And then maybe once you’ve changed Valorplates you try to adjust and go from there, ”he continued. Heyne noted that the intention is not for players to complete the entire grid by the end of the campaign, but of course they can work on improving their build in the post-match period. skill grid is above the constellation augmentation system. Counter-game detailed earlier this year, offering another way for players to uniquely build their character builds. But the options don’t end there: Craft of Godfall Players will be able to outfit their character with different weapons, life stones, ring, charm, amulet, banner, and augment options, all built around a research system. loot and inventory that’s destined for while players will need to head to the Forge at Seventh Sanctum, Godfall’s player hub, to level up, but Counterplay is hoping to streamline the process. As Heyne described it, “We wanted to make sure it wasn’t cumbersome to run from point A, to point B, to point C, and that you spent an hour in the Sanctum before you got to a mission. ” Godfall: Forge You will be able to swap weapons and other equipment during a mission, but the process at the Sanctum Forge should be “streamlined” to allow you to enchant, upgrade, and modify with ease. And speaking of enchanting and leveling up, as you can see in the images below, players will be able to increase their items in a number of ways – think of leveling as upgrading your weapon while may the enchantment take her to the next level of rarity. Heyne explained that this system came from the idea that “if there was a loot that you really liked and wanted to use for an extended period of time, we wanted to make sure there was a possibility to bring that weapon with you throughout It’s not that Counterplay expects players to stick with one weapon throughout Godfall, but with 125 weapon options and the ability to have two in your loadout at any time, the developers realized that players might want to look to particular favorites. This inventory management also speaks to how Heyne described Counterplay’s approach to respecting player time at all times. Talking about the ability to create other plaques of value offered a good example of the team’s approach to a meaningful loot system in this way. take advantage to unblock the content they want. So to get some crafting materials for some value plaques you will need to go to the Water Realm. There will be some crafting ingredients that you can only find if you are in the Water Realm. But, you can enter the Water Kingdom during your campaign missions. You will naturally be brought there. You will be in the water kingdom for the hunting missions. There will be some endgame content taking place in the Water Kingdom. There will be cooperation opportunities in the Water Realm, “he said.” So we don’t say, ‘Hey, you have to go do this side mission to unlock Mesa the Valorplate.’ You should probably be able to get enough crafting materials for a handful of these throughout the campaign itself and then if there are any. [items needed for the others]… you should have a list of activities to choose from, be able to pick what you want and fill those last pieces of your arsenal without feeling slowed down. This philosophy of wanting players to feel respected, and to make the rewards for this time meaningful, Counterplay hopes to make every aspect of your build valuable. While the studio has previously featured or discussed value plates, weapons, augments, and more, Heyne has spoken to Trinkets, a sequel of loot players will be able to assign to their character build. “Trinkets should add that final finishing touch. They are unique loot pieces in that they aren’t visual in the same way as weapons. You don’t see the trinkets you have equipped… but they do. have these unique traits that are closely tied to the different archetypes you can explore in Godfall. And whatever aspect of your character building you choose to focus on at any given time, Counterplay hopes the management suit Godfall’s menus, in-game experimentation, and loot collecting all feed into a satisfying loop that doesn’t stop players from knowing how they want to fight – and how cool they want to look doing it. . “One of our fundamental philosophies will always be the handyman dream. If there’s an appetite for it, to keep the player experimenting, we just want to make sure the playing field is open and you’re ready to play, ”Heyne said.

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