Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Puts More Fantasy And More Creative Control In The Hands Of Players

Sucker Punch is releasing its first major, free update for Ghost of Tsushima with Legends today and we sat down with the team to talk about it. Earlier we revealed more about raids and how they require teamwork and tempt trolls, but there’s so much more to this drop in content than we see. Sitting down with Creative Director Nate Fox and Darren Bridges, we dive deep into Ghost of Tsushima Legends to reveal the freedom this update really gives gamers. From unique co-op experiences to many more ways to show off that creative flair through new games + and other photo mode options; there’s a lot to love – and unbox – with the new content. Tell us a little more about Legends and what players can expect! What was the inspiration behind the different classes? Bridges: When Nate created the terrain for Ghost, we knew we wanted co-op multiplayer to be a mainstay of the experience. We’ve been working on it from the start. We worked for a while on a lot of concepts and ways to marry the co-op experience with Ghost’s solo. The name Legends, it appealed to us for several reasons. Legends connects to Ghost’s solo in the way that it’s a series of stories told by a storyteller in Tsushima named Gyozen. Gyozen is a kind of keeper of legends and he is sort of the source of all stories. When you are on a mission, you hear him speak as a narrator. It’s where Legends is and how it connects to Ghost. He, along with everyone on Tsushima, saw the events of the Mongol invasion; an overwhelming force entering the island. Then there is a huge event and that’s when they start to see the Mongols start to be repelled by the ghost and hear these stories about the ghost itself. Legends is [Gyozen] process all this information and tell it as he interprets it from his point of view. From his point of view, a person could not repel a Mongol invasion. There must be more than one ghost. And he wasn’t a mortal, it was, this idea that Ghosts somehow resurrected the samurai, the warriors who came to defend the island. This is how Legends gets married in the single-player story; it’s a kind of supernatural exaggeration, a narrative of events with supernatural influences. As for the classes, we have four classes that you can play in. There are the Samurai, the Hunter, the Ronin and the Assassin. You can play with any of these classes. Legends starts with a quick tutorial to walk through each class. You’ll choose who you want to start with, who you want to play with initially, and you’ll focus on ranking those classes. You will be able to unlock more skills and whatever class you want to play next as long as you have that experience. Can you tell us a bit more about how you can level up each class with specific skills, or is the leveling wider? Bridges: there are overlaps, there is a certain individual progression; each class will have its own technical tree. When you set a base for classes, you will have specializations for each particular character type. They all start basic and will use basic abilities, combat, ranged attacks, and assassinations. Each class overlaps and has some shared abilities. After a while, class specializations begin to develop in a specific direction. For example, the samurai is really good at using combat and staying in combat to survive for a long time. The hunter is good with his ultimate attacks which focus on range and crowd control. Ronin is more support-based and the assassin is all about getting in, doing a lot of damage, and getting out as fast as possible. With the different competition experiences, will you offer some sort of ranking system? Bridges: We have leaderboards, but not specifically for raids. All Legends missions are replayable at increasing difficulty levels. The three initial difficulties are brozne, silver and gold. The first time you play with brozne is just the first experience. Then, once you got started in the money and beyond, one of our top priorities in developing replayable content was that we wanted it to be fresh while you replay it. So in story missions for money, when you play them, it will be different because we would trade encounters and we added bonus objectives. In every two player story mission in the third part, there is a curse in which you can opt for some sort of double or nothing that will make things harder, and the end more difficult, but you get more rewards. if you can. complete the. With the three main difficulties, we are going to have a nightmare difficulty mission. We will select a mission and add modifiers to it, we will change the encounters. This is the one you play to get on the leaderboards. This will be one of the higher difficulty areas in the game, so you can play it over and over again with your friends and see how much you can score. With so many new mechanics introduced, are there any games currently that have helped influence the direction Sucker Punch has taken in Legends? Bridges: I don’t think we did it directly. There’s a general principle of cooperative play that we’ve tried a lot to learn from, like the idea of ​​playing a specific role in combat. I think one of the most enjoyable parts of co-op is where you can be your friends’ hero. Your friends can see how cool you did, or you have a great opportunity to really blur and it’s hilarious too. For me, the nice thing about the co-op is just having fun with your friends. For example, one of the things you can do in Survival is buy a gift that heals everyone. Use that at the correct minute, or the ignition function to light up any nearby players; you’re just going through a mission and you see someone bought it and activated it and suddenly everyone around you starts on fire and you’re like “gee, thanks buddy.” It is this movement of connection in cooperatives, because [that moment] said who did it, right? He says who activated it. We tried, when designing these features, to find ways that would make players feel each other’s presence and feel like the hero or the person who needs to be saved by someone else. ‘other. New Game + mode offers a lot of new content, what about giving returning players a reason to come back and newcomers to join the party? Fox: New Game + was designed to try to push gamers into a whole new experience. So when you come back you are rewarded with ghost flowers for everything you do. It’s a new form of currency that players can spend at this new vendor to buy cosmetics that make your armor look different, as well as charms that change your playstyle. I think a very good example of this is the canine recruiting charm that allows you to sneak up on a Mongolian dog and pet it until it fights by your side. You could never do this solo because we were very “grounded”. However, New Game + has allowed us to break the fourth wall a bit so that players can experience the game in a new way. This is the objective: to bring freshness through these charms and through a high level of difficulty. We rebalanced the game because we know that when you finish it in your first game your hero is really very powerful and we also have to level up the baddies to achieve that. And there are also upgrades for armor, bows, and swords, so that you continue to pick up items on the ground with the intention of building more strength. Ultimately, you can feel like a demigod. This is really the biggest difference between Legends and solo. Future projects beyond the legends? Fox: Right now we’re focusing on Update 1.1, which is a lot. It’s huge, both Legends and New Game + with the associated charms and the new horse. But we’ve included a few other upgrades as well, namely armor loadouts which really allow players to tweak their builds so that they might want to have that lightning charm on their melee armor, but they want to have more. other charms that also help them squeeze more effectively. . It’s really easy to swap out your playstyle just by changing this type of base armor. This also extends to the elapsed time counter; if you look at your saved game, you can see how long you’ve been playing it. For some people they really want [elapsed time counter] and we talked about it a lot, so we wanted to deliver that. How the hell did you manage to prevent this massive update from leaking? Bridges: This is insane. I swear we spend so many days where we were like “There’s no way, there’s no way we can keep this a secret.” And then, the time was getting closer and closer. We launched Ghost, and every day I’m like, “Now this is going to leak.” Everyone kept telling me “What have you been working on? Ghost? I’m so excited for this game” and I should just say “Uh, different parts” because Legends is really the only thing I’m on. ‘ve worked almost exclusively. What’s your favorite part of Legends and the player experience? Fox: My favorite part is just being able to share your Ghost of Tsushima experience with a friend. I mean, if you’ve stepped in and enjoyed the combat and the feeling of being in this world, getting into Legends is the next step. While it’s more fantastic, it still looks a lot like Ghost of Tsushima because the controls, the characters; there is a huge overlap. And now you can have this game experience with friend who will save you from death and you will save him from death. It elevates the experience to something that truly binds you. Bridges: For me, the best part is that we can give away a lot of this content to players for free. That, and I still can’t believe we kept it a secret (laughs). Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is available today for PlayStation 4 players. You can learn even more about this Ghost adventure with our game hub here!

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