Get The Scoop On New-Gen NBA 2K21 MyPlayer, A.I. Improvements

So far, 2K Sports has provided a wealth of information about the next-gen offering on the pitch, and the latest information comes from a Courtside report covering all of MyPlayer and a series of AI improvements. So what’s new with the build-a-star mode? Cutting edge customization is the goal of 2K, and first on the chopping block are the presets for each type of player. You now have full control over each stat, although there are still limitations based on your height, weight, and point limit. You won’t be able to maximize each individual stat, but you’ll be better able to craft a ball that matches your unique playstyle. There are also a host of new badges, many of which have been redesigned from scratch for the new generation. Whether you want to be a dunk specialist standing in traffic or a player who shoots well beyond the arc and sinks in threes, there is something for everyone. Visual Concepts shared this list as a sample of the new or revised badges available: Fearless Finisher – Increases Contact Layers and Decreases Fatigue Heat Seeker – Increases Takeover Progress on Interior Planes Highlight Film – Increase Takeover Progress taking control of his teammates on flashy dunks Hook Specialist – Increases hook shooting ability Revived Posterizer – Contact dunks! Rise Up – Increases the ability to do standing dunks in Anti-Freeze traffic – More difficult to get cold and lose Blinders takeover counter progress – Less affected by Peripheral Defenders when firing Circus Threes Cavaliers – Improved ability to hit pull-up and stepback 3 Fade Ace – Increase all Hot Shot post-fadeaway fadeaways – Increase take-over counter faster when you take down Deep Threes jumpers – Queen and Curry range 3 balls Rhythm Shooter – Increases percentage of off-size shooting as well as 1-step pull-ups Set Shooter – Shooting Ability improves as you set and wait before shooting Sniper – Increases ability to hit shots when you use Pro Stick aiming at Stop & Pop Three – For JJ Redicks who want to shoot three times in Bullet Pass transition – Gives you the ability to launch laser dots like LeBron Rela y Passing – Boosts shooter on passing to aid Special Delivery situations – Increases takeover progress for passer and catcher with flashy passing assist Ankle braces – Makes it harder to handle the ball rs to break your ankles Clutch Defender – Boosts your defensive ratings in moments of clutch Hot Stopper – Raises the takeover counter for good defensive games like steals, blocks and good fights If you want to know what’s going on going on, here’s what went wrong with the coupes, either because they no longer fit or have been made redundant: Coherent Finisher, Contact Finisher, Cross-Touch Marker, Fancy Footwork, Fastbreak Finisher, Deep Hooks, Pick & Roll, Relentless Finisher, Showtime, Deep Fades, Flexible Release, Hot Start, Pick & Popper, Pump Fake Maestro, Range Extender, Quick Draw, Steady Shooter, Pass Fake Maestro, Flashy Passer, Lob City Passer, Lightning Reflexes and Moving Truck. Takeovers, the abilities you can acquire when you’re hot and picking up games, are back in the next gen, but they’ve gone from eight archetype-based takeovers to twenty-four distinct abilities. You can do things like See the Future and know where the missed shots are going to land or have unlimited range and take shots from your team logo on a half court. You will have the option to set primary and secondary takeover at multiple levels once you have completed your vital data and stats. If you wait for your takeover counter to hit both primary and secondary, you’ll get a longer, more powerful boost with both abilities. All of this comes with a lot of AI improvements – from improving the player extinguishing the ball to improving the logic of AI defenders to get into position and take charges head-on. The biggest improvement on the offensive side of the ball is called Next-Gen Game Planning. You can plan your squad to target only the best players with things like Pick and Rolls through the On The Fly Coaching (OTFC) panel. The adaptive coaching engine takes it from there and puts the plans in place to match the strategy you called out. Excited for all these improvements? NBA 2K21 hits next-gen courts on the launch day of each new console – November 10 for the Xbox Series X and November 12 for the PlayStation 5 in North America.

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