Gen.G Partners with Rally, Launches New Fan Held Digital Currency GG Strike Coin 

Gen.G’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Squad has partnered with Rally, an open blockchain network that helps build token communities, to create GG Strike Coin. This new digital currency aims to “engage and reward Gen.G fans in several unprecedented ways”, for example by using the currency to directly access players, coaches and staff, receive exclusive products and more. Details on the coin’s cast will come at a later date. Key benefits for owners at launch include: Access to private Discord chats with coaches, players, and staff. receive responses Additionally, today’s announcement marks the launch of Rally Brand Coin, a social token for brands and celebrities to engage and reward their communities. Since its launch in August, over 2K Rally accounts have been created and over 20 creators representing over 12K concurrent viewers and over 1.2 million subscribers on Twitch alone have joined others along the way. The cryptocurrency industry has grown in recent months as several organizations have launched their own currency. Last March, OG launched their own cryptocurrency-powered Fan Token, and in August, Team Heretics sold their Fan Tokens after a successful launch.

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