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Gen.G Launches Gen.G Foundation to Support Education and Diversity in Gaming

Esports and Gaming all over the world are reaching new heights with the investment of big organizations into the community. Gen.G a professional esports organization with headquarters in Playa Vista, Seoul, and Shanghai has announced a 10-year programme with a commitment of $1M USD to help foster the development of future gaming and esports industry leaders with the foundation of the Gen.G Foundation and partnerships with various universities in the United States.

According to the deal, $1M USD will be equally distributed for a span of 10 years. Through which students with low-income, women, and people of colour can enrol in universities in the United States who want to excel in gaming, esports, entrepreneurship, journalism, or content creation.

The foundation established by the Gen.g has partnered with various universities for the first year. University of Kentucky, Eastern Michigan University, Silicon Valley Bank, and Bumble.


Chris Park, Gen.G CEO said on this program, “It will be yearly program and hopefully can expand beyond 10 per year in future. For now, the Gen.G Foundation will be more focused on our education initiatives for various underprivileged students. In 2021, once the global situation stabilizes from COVID 19, we also hope to be able to offer scholarship spots for our students from our international programs around the globe. It will similarly work in the same way as the Gen.G Global Academy, where we provide scholarships to low-income high school students.”

Al Guerrero, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank, stated, “We know that education, opportunities and investment are keys to success and create a more level playing field in esports and beyond for each individual. Silicon Valley Bank has a long history of promoting the next generation of innovators, including great minds within esports. We’re excited to help the Gen.G foundation program by providing all the support and build a strong esports ecosystem.”

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