Gears 5 Update Will Let You Play the Campaign as Batista

The Coalition has announced a series of big changes coming to Gears 5 when it arrives on Xbox Series X. In addition to performance improvements and new modes, the campaign gets a lot more animal with the inclusion of the former champion of the game. WWE World and Guardian of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista. After appearing as a multiplayer skin in the original version, players can now swap Marcus Fenix ​​with Big Dave for the entire campaign. More than just a palette swap, Bautista even recorded a new dialogue for the story. It should be emphasized again that Bautista is not definitely replacing Marcus Fenix ​​in the campaign. The switch is 100% optional. The news should serve as fun for Dave’s fan base, as well as the big guy himself. The actor did a lot of lobbying on social media last summer to play Marcus Fenix ​​in a Gears of War movie, garnering a surge of support. It didn’t work (unfortunately) but it’s probably better. At least he becomes Fenix ​​in whatever medium the character is from. New Game + brings new difficulty modes, character / weapon skins, additional achievements. For next-gen versions, expect 60fps cutscenes and 120fps Versus mode. This is in addition to 4K HDR, faster load times, and instant resume benefits highlighted in previous announcements. Combine all of that with an upcoming story expansion slated for fall, and Gears 5 has a busy holiday season ahead. For more on Gears 5, check out Andrew Reiner’s positive review of the base game. Now that the Xbox Series X is just around the corner, why not read our recent hands-on impressions to get you ready? Are you excited to replay Gears 5 as Drax the Destroyer himself? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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