Gears 5 Story DLC Coming In December

Gears 5 is receiving a story-based DLC called “Hivebusters” in December, developer The Coalition recently told IGN. While no specific release date has been given, Zoe Curnoe, the main lead producer of Gears 5, told point of sale that the DLC will focus on the Hivebusters team, which made its debut appearance in the game. Gears of War: Hivebusters comic book series in May 2019, and in Gears 5 this past September in the Escape co-op play mode. Hivebusters will be available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC. “All I can say is December and the title is Hivebusters, so that might give you a little clue as to what this content might be,” Curnoe told IGN. “This will also be available on the new consoles, so it will be optimized for those two.” According to The Coalition, Hivebusters will take players between three and four hours. The studio also noted that this was Gears’ first content that was “reviewed, tuned and tweaked” during the development of the Xbox Series X / S, rather than upgraded after the fact. “So the things we do with global lighting and constant mapping are, I think, a good example, and we’ve made sure the content is really set up to take advantage of that,” Mike Rayner, studio technical director of the Coalition, told IGN. “The ultra-resolution textures are here now and we can kind of tune them and make sure they really show up in 4K resolution with the extra memory we have on these consoles and the ability to stream them super fast.” As IGN points out, the Hivebusters announcement actually departs from the Coalition’s initial plan not to develop story DLC content for Gears 5, but Rayner said fan requests for the outlet prompted the studio to reconsider its position. More information on Hivebusters, including the price of the DLC, is expected to be revealed in early December. In July, Microsoft revealed that Gears 5 would receive an optimization upgrade for the Xbox Series X / S, with 4K HDR visuals, reduced load times, and instant resume. For more on Gears 5, check out our review, where we said the game delivered “some of the best fights in the series.”

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