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G2 is alone at Worlds 2020 – Twitch Weekly Top 10, October 12-18

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship reduced its roster to just four teams, a reduction in the total number of games played which led to a drop in the number of hours watched. Meanwhile, Among Us remains remarkably stable as a collaborative streaming powerhouse, and French streamers unite to raise money for charity. Twitch’s Top Channel – Riot Games Worlds 2020 saw a significant reduction in the number of hours watched this week, having left their six-game-a-day group stage to enter an eighth qualifying round with a single best-of-five game. each broadcast. day. This meant a significant drop in the total number of hours broadcast, with most of the series not showing during all five games. However, the maximum number of viewers on the main channel has exceeded 500,000 viewers, showing that while people watch fewer hours in total, many viewers are still keeping an eye on how the tournament is going. Next weekend’s semi-finals will likely see a further reduction in viewing hours with just two series to play, but will likely see another peak in audiences as all of the Western esports fandom will rally around their only remaining competitor – G2 Esports. Best Twitch Content – Just Chatting Worlds 2020’s declining viewership has seen Just Chatting regain his throne, racking up over 45 million hours of viewing during the week. More remarkable, however, is the continued presence of Among Us in third place, hovering around 24 million hours of fairly consistent viewing. The success of the game makes it remarkably difficult to predict future trends for Twitch, given that it was not directly tied to a specific game version, but was simply played at the right time by the right streamers. As a result, apparently, any game could become the next one among us if it was properly exposed. However, it was probably the highly collaborative nature of Among Us that led to such sustained engagement. Like the comic book crossover events of yore, audiences simply enjoy it when their favorite artists interact with each other. Whenever among us finally begins its decline, it will likely be another game that allows for friendly competition and discourse between streamers that takes its place.

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