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Free Fire has announced the statistics of Cheaters that got banned last two weeks. According to the Garena Official announcement, Free Fire has banned over 565,867 accounts caught by anti-cheat. Over 2,094,436 devices also received suspensions for using Cheats.

Here is a break down of the accounts banned :

Around 28 % of the Cheaters are banned due to using Auto-Aim, which will give them an unfair advantage that will help them track down the running player.
28% of the Cheaters were using wallhack, which will help shoot the players through the wall that will give them an unfair advantage.
21% of the Cheaters received suspensions due to using the Antenna hack, which will show the location of all players; it helps the Cheaters to track down all enemies.
13% were using the teleport hack to outperform enemies with an unfair movement advantage.
10% of the cheaters got banned due to other reasons not specified.

The new anti-hack system in Free Fire
The new anti-cheat feature in Free Fire announced This anti-cheat measure is checking the players in multi-levels.

When a player is reported for Cheats or Hacks or any suspicious activity by others in-game or within the community.A battle replay video generated from the suspicious player’s perspective. The video will be go for check all possible methods of Cheats. Investigators will check and review that video. When the majority confirms that the video contains evidence of cheating after that the Official security team will review for violation.The player, if found cheating, is permanently suspended from the game.
Free Fire aims to provide a fair gameplay environment for every player. These new anti-cheat measures will justify this.
About the game-
Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is a battle royale game for mobile devices developed by 111Dits studio. Free Fire gets “Best Popular Game” in 2019 provided by Google Play store; it also became the most downloaded mobile game globally. On August 2020, Free Fire has set the record with over 100M daily active users globally.

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