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Fortnite’s latest patch makes it over 60gb smaller on pc – Esports Ray


Fortnite’s latest patch on PC reduced the game’s file size by over 60 GB. The news was revealed by the Fortnite Status account on Twitter. To accommodate the optimizations, v14.40 is larger than normal on PC, totaling 27 GB. The patch is live at the time of writing and brings with it the Fortnitemares 2020 event, Midas’ Revenge. Please note that the patch size will be larger than normal on PC (around 27 GB). It’s all about doing optimizations on PC, resulting in a massively reduced Fortnite file size (over 60GB smaller), smaller downloads for future fixes, and improved loading performance. – Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) October 20, 2020 “Fortnite file size over 60 gigabytes, and means“ smaller downloads for future fixes and improved loading performance. ”After its release, this appears to be the case , Twitter user The_Equalizer74 reporting that the game went from 99 to 29.5 GB. This is an impressive change, probably achieved by compressing texture packs more efficiently. It is also handy if your SSD is already dominated. by huge games like Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s unclear whether the console versions of Fortnite also saw a reduction in file size (but they were already considerably smaller than on PC). What the update has brought to the game, including new items and challenges, you can check out Check out the patch notes here, via the Epic Games website. In other Fortnite news here is the video Complete the BTS Dynamite choreography that debuted in the game’s Party Royale mode. You can also check out our coverage of how Nvidia Reflex affects latency in Fortnite. Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for Esports Ray. Follow him on Twitter.

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