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Fortnite fans got their first glimpse of this year’s Halloween event today with the trailer for Fortnitemares Midas’ Revenge. The trailer features what appear to be shadow enemies that the Players will have to fight in addition to the in-game players. The trailer also showed off a variety of different skins that will be available for the duration of this limited-time event. The event will be accompanied by a live performance by musician J Balvin on Halloween. One of the most notable features of the trailer was the return of Midas, the agency’s spy boss who was the Key antagonist of Fortnite Chapter Two, season two. Following the conclusion of The Device event, it is believed that Midas may have worked undercover, altering his appearance after the event. The character is back in his traditional form, however, with a few slight changes to suit the theme of Fortnitemares.During the event, players will be able to complete challenges to earn special-themed rewards, including cosmetic items such as skins, Fortnitemares is a limited time mode that has returned to Fortnite around Halloween every year since 2017. The mode was originally created for the game Fortnite: Save The World, but it has found its way into battle royale in season six and has continued ever since. The event sees computer-controlled enemies appear on the map during games, giving players another objective to complete for in-game bonuses.

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