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Fortnitemares challenges: how to find a witch’s broom, eat candy, and unlock free rewards – Esports Ray


Scheduled from October 21 to November 3, players will have the chance to participate in the popular limited-time Halloween event, Fortnitemares, and score themselves several free cosmetic items before the event ends. To kick off the release of Fortnitemares 2020, a brand new game mode has been introduced. This game mode will see all players eliminated from Solo, Duos and Squads return to combat as a shadow. By working with other eliminated teammates, players will gain access to otherworldly abilities that allow them to own the bodies of vehicles, overcome obstacles, and even perform a deadly combat attack as players attempt. to earn yourself a Nitemare Royale.Weapons of Fortnitemares, Rewards As usual, Fortnitemares brings a set of unique Halloween-themed weapons that can be found randomly on the map. This year’s weapons will include the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, Demon Hunter’s Crossbow, Witch’s Broom, and even Shadow Midas’ Drum Pistol, which you can find by killing Midas at the Ruins. Throughout the event, players will have the chance to complete a series of challenges to unlock all-new rewards such as Midas’ Shadow Wrap, Smash O’-Lantern Pickaxe, Bobo Back Bling, Loading Screens, and Moreover. J Balvin, Reggaeton Global Ambassador and four-time Latin GRAMMY winner, will present Afterlife Party, an exclusive Halloween music event. With an all-new song featuring Sech, Balvin will take to the main stage of Party Royale on October 31 at 6 p.m. PT and 9 p.m. ET. It’s November 1 at 2:00 a.m. BST and 11:00 a.m. AEST. For even more information on the Fortnitemares event, check out our guide below to unlock unique Halloween-themed rewards! How to Complete Each Fortnitemare Challenge Currently there are only three Fortnitemare challenges, so be sure to check back every three days until November 3. The following Fortnitemare challenges are currently available for completion: While the following challenges have not been officially 100% confirmed, the popular Fortnite Leaker, FireMonkey believes we can expect to see the following challenges over the next few days. : For more info on how to eat candy, become a shadow, find a witch’s broom, take down Shadow Midas, and more, we’ve got you covered in our in-depth Fortnitemare challenge guides below . Eat Candy in Fortnite One of the first challenges in the Fortnitemares event is finding and eating 25 pieces of candy. Simple as it may sound, many have wondered exactly where to find these candies, luckily the candies are relatively easy to find, as they will be available in the majority of homes on the Fortnite map. To find candy, simply land outside of a house and head for the front door. When you approach the door, you will often find two buckets of candy. Using your pickax or weapon, destroy the buckets to receive several pieces of candy, to our knowledge there are currently 5 different candies to loot, each candy having a different effect when eaten. Hop Drop: will provide a low gravity effect. Thermal Taffy: will allow you to see enemies in thermal. Pepper Ming: will provide a great speed boost. Candy Corn: A current, we are not sure of the effects of Candy Corn. Jelly Bean: A current, we’re not sure about the effects of Jelly Bean. Also, each of these five candies has the ability to provide a small boost to your health when eaten.How to Become a Shadow in Fortnite Arguably the easiest challenge on the list, you will have the ability to become a Shadow in being simply eliminated during the encounter. Upon dying, you will return as a shadow and can begin the process of havoc on those who are still alive.Where to find a Witch’s Broom and travel 100 yards (every known broom location) Scattered across the map, players will find the witch Huts. These huts will contain witch’s brooms, which can be found just outside the hut inside a large barrel, so if you’re having trouble finding a witch’s hut, be sure to check out the locations we have listed on our broomstick location map below to find every known witch hut currently in Fortnitemares.Once you locate the witch broom, interact with it to start flying through the air. Similar to the Silver Surfer board, the Witch’s Broom will have a 20 second cooldown.How to detect players as a shadow When playing as a shadow, you will have four otherworldly abilities which include: Slash: One horrible combo attack. Dash: Go through the obstacles. Shout: Mark nearby survivors for shadows within range. Shadow Jump: a high jump and floating in the air. For those playing on Xbox One or PS4, simply use the Scream ability by pressing L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox One to scan the area for nearby enemies. call the Ruins house. To take out Shadow Midas, head to the ruins, which are in the middle of the map. Once you’ve reached the building, head inside and continue to the lower level, where you’ll likely find Midas. Shadow Midas has a lot of health, so you’ll want to use crates, pillars, or building materials to block his incoming attacks. . In our experience, we found that Midas was fairly straightforward to take down, especially when using powerful weapons like the Combat Rifle, Assault Rifle, and SMG. For those who want to get into the spirit of Halloween, you’ll even find that a pumpkin thrower will do just fine. In addition to receiving XP for completing the challenge, you will also get Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun. As this challenge is said to become available in the next few days, the ruins will undoubtedly become an incredibly populated area, which will make the task of taking down Shadow Midas quite difficult. If you find that you are struggling with battle, try practicing in the Battle Labs game mode.

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