Fortnite: SypherPK embarrasses heartache during custom follower scrims

SypherPK has had a strange night of custom follower patterns. Spirits erupted yesterday over the flow between popular Fortnite content creator Ali “SypherPK” Hassan and some unwanted gamers who made it his custom solo subscriber scrims. These outlines have special rules, where players are not expected to engage in early combat to preserve heavily populated endgames. It’s a fun way for Sypher and his followers to compete against each other in competitive matches. Unfortunately, Sypher’s subscriber scrims did not go as planned. After someone on the Twitch streamer’s Discord channel leaked the custom key, trolls and griefs took over their custom canvas, prompting a fiery response. PK Customs Grievance Clowns PK Scrims were fun. We had to deal with some snotty nosed punk kids messing things up towards the end, but we took out the trash. @ FortniteGame can you add custom game moderation tools? We should be able to block players and watch the entire match as the host. – SypherPK (@SypherPK) October 23, 2020 The last three matches of Sypher Subscriber Customs have been quite an adventure. While spinning and looting in a game, players attacked Sypher despite the custom rule set where fights shouldn’t start until the third zone closes or the storm surge is active. Sypher almost got over the two-on-one situation, but eventually ran out of gear and fell to grief. A blind rage ensued from content creator Fortnite. Sypher hurled curses and insults at players who infected his custom canvas. He has identified all of the players involved in the brawl from the previous game, vowing to make sure they get a ban from Fortnite and its Discord channel. Sypher located the player’s two Fortnite records, which turned out to be unimpressive. Neither has had any real achievements in competitive tournaments or any semblance of career wins. Sypher’s frustration boiled over when one of the sorrows joined his group Fortnite: Battle Royale. “Yo, what’s going on man?” Sypher asked after one of the players joined his lobby. The player greeted him, to which Sypher replied, “Why are you sounding exactly like I thought you would? What are you doing?” The player asked: “What do you mean?” looking puzzled. Sypher asked more questions, “What are you doing? Like what’s going on tonight? Are you and the boys fucking?” Sypher continued his verbal assault before the player finally uttered a homophobic word. The Twitch streamer then removed the player from his Fortnite lobby and moved on to his night. Sypher has targeted developer Epic Games for not allowing more options to ban players in custom games. However, the round trips did not end there. Mourning Continues Sypher’s opponent queued up in the upcoming Fortnite game after his discussion with the game’s personality. This time, Sypher overcame him with a shotgun blast despite having no shield. The trash talk continued from Sypher, who mocked the heartache for his death as he shot someone with poor health and materials. Another heartache targeted Sypher later in the same match. He dealt with this player by advising all viewers to focus fire on this player in his custom match. The former Luminosity Gaming player ended his broadcast as scheduled. However, the action continued after Sypher ended his stream. Sypher Bests Griefers in 1v1 Matches I know I should just ignore haters, and I do, 99% of the time. Sometimes you just have to put them back in their place, I recorded everything. The amount of excuses and moans that came from these 3 was insane. Their tone changed so quickly over the matches. – SypherPK (@SypherPK) October 23, 2020 Sypher has located the Grief Discord channel. After joining, he engaged in more trashy chats with these players before lining up in separate one-on-one matches with each. The former professional Fortnite player has beaten all three in a streak of five best matches. Sypher took to Twitter with his response, claiming victory after a long night of anger. “I found the guys who messed up the canvas today, joined in their discord for a chat,” Sypher said. A little trashy chat ensued followed by them wanting me 1v1 to prove I’m a “dog player.” He included a screenshot of the match results and followed up with another tweet about the situation. “I know I should just ignore the haters, and I do, 99% of the time. Sometimes you just have to put them back where they belong, I recorded everything. The amount of excuses and moans that came from these three was insane. Their tone changed so quickly throughout the games. “Sypher has the last laughs Mourning is a recurring issue in competitive Fortnite, regardless of location. These custom matches use keys to keep players in line, leading to occasional leaks and unpleasant games. Sypher and many other members of the community would like to see an option to ban or block players when a situation arises. Custom match options are one aspect of Fortnite: Battle Royale that Epic Games hasn’t improved much. As a matter of fact, Sypher had the final say and will likely expose these players, given that he recorded all the footage. The former pro player turned content creator still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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