Fortnite: K1nzell Claims His Second DreamHack Europe DreamHack Online Open Championship

ESTNN recaps October’s EU DreamHack Online Open with Fortnite. European Fortnite: Battle Royale players are back for the fourth consecutive month of DreamHack Online Open action. This open event welcomes the European region, but other people looking for a challenge can also participate. Players looking to reach the grand final had to qualify through the open part of the first round first. Those lucky enough to finish in the top 750 in two separate heats advance to the semi-finals. From there, 1,500 players shrank to just 100 for the grand finale. With the largest share of $ 250,000 at stake, several of Europe’s best put their best efforts to win the top prize of $ 16,000. Last time around, Polish player teeq accomplished the improbable, winning his second DreamHack Online Open tournament in just three events. Teeq also took first place at DreamHack’s inaugural opening, followed by k1nzell the following month. Some of the best in Europe made it to the grand final this time around including MrSavage, benjyfishy, ​​LeTsHe and many more. However, only one could walk away with the grand prize of US $ 16,000 and a major championship victory. Although Epic disabled a vital element midway through the grand finale, the competition wrapped up earlier tonight. Let’s see how the rankings have shaken after the last six games of the EU DreamHack Online Open this month. Also Read: Cloakzy Teases Fortnite Return With Tfue K1nzell Repeats As DreamHack Open Champion LETS GOOOOOOOOOO 2X DREAMHACK WINNER ($ 16,000) – k1nzell (@ k1nzell) October 22, 2020 For the second time in four months slovenian free agent k1nzell won a title in the online DreamHack Open. His Grand Finals performance included 334 points with a Victory Royale and 15 eliminations. His only victory came at a perfect time in the penultimate match of the tournament. A 15th place knockout in the final match earned him US $ 16,000, joining teeq as a two-time champion. It was quite a performance from a player that will surely be on the radar of large organizations as a result. Also read: Revisiting Simple Skirmish Times – Should Epic Bring Them Back? The rest of the standings Here are the T3 players of the EU #DHFNOpen Grand Final in October! 💰 🥇 @ k1nzell – $ 16,000 @DaeZinhoo – $ 8,000 @MrSavage – $ 7,400 Check out the final T5 ranking ⏬ – DreamHack Fortnite (@DreamHackFN) October 22, 2020, 17, from Finland – DaeZinhoo – finished just behind k1nzell with 311 points. He’s had 16 eliminations in the last six games without Victory Royales. He cashed in $ 8K USD and no doubt upped his shares as a free agent for the euro. MrSavage, competitor of 100 Thieves, completed the top 3 with 285 points. He had 17 eliminations in the grand final. Savage won US $ 7.4K for his efforts. Jamside, a Virtus Pro player, was fourth and Castery fifth. Some other notable players to finish near the top of the standings were; Vato 7th, xSweeze 8th, Lnuef 9th, Th0masHD 10th, Nate 11th, LeTsHe 13th and benjyfishy 14th. They are some of the best players in Europe, which made for an exceptional final session. Also read: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Week 2 Final Rankings This wraps up October’s Stretch or DreamHack tournaments. In case you missed it, DreamHack recently announced that the format will switch from solos to duets starting next month. There is no shortage of speculation on the combinations of players that we will see. Featured Image: DreamHack

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