First Look At Tom Holland As Nathan Drake In Uncharted Movie, Nolan North-Approved

The movie Uncharted starring a much younger Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland was the whirlwind of a deal. From going through many directors to a few delays, production has finally hit a good level and it looks like Drake himself approves after voice actor Nolan North posted his set visit. Holland also shared our first look at him as Drake. North, who plays many roles in the video game world, but mostly Nathan Drake, took to Twitter to share our first image from the movie Uncharted. “Like looking in a mirror”, North subtitles. “Proud that Tom Holland continues the Drake legacy! Absolutely break!” The three images are our first look at the set from the Uncharted movie, including North’s encounter with Holland himself. While this isn’t a trailer like many are hoping to get a taste of how Holland plays a young adult version of Nathan Drake, it’s a neat little glimpse nonetheless. Shortly after North’s post, Holland himself took to Twitter to share our first look at the young actor in full costume: For those who may not be familiar with the Nathan Drake movie, the movie will follow. tale of a much younger Drake, a version of that iconic character we’ve seen a number of times throughout the game’s franchise. Holland will take on the lead role alongside Mark Walhberg, who takes on the role of a young Sully. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together. Despite public outcry against the Dutch cast, he looks exactly like the teenage Drake we’ve seen in the games. Whether he can channel the explorer’s attitude remains to be seen, but it has potential! The Uncharted movie will hit theaters in March 2021 until there are no more delays.

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