FAUG: New Pubg Mobile Alternative All You Need To Know

20 percent of the total revenue generated from FAUG will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer: India’s Brave hubs trust.
This PUBG Mobile option remains in the development stage, also being developed with nCore Games.

The recent PUBG Mobile ban has left the Indian gaming community shocked, and no worthy national replacement for the battle royale title has yet been found. In this stressed and uncertain moment for several gamers across the country, Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar’s announcement about an impending alternative game, has left the community speechless.

The celebrity teased a mobile game named”Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G)”, that is going to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile.

As stated by the National Award-winning celebrity’s announcement article, the name is presently under development, and the program will be under the mentorship of Kumar himself. Also, 20 percent of the total revenue generated from the match will be donated to the trust that premiered by him, Bharat Ke Veer: India’s Brave hearts.

FAU-G has been declared as a PUBG cell replacement
This step by the veteran star, along with nCore games, can also be a move towards satisfying Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s”Atmanirbhar Bharat” initiative. With this new effort, Kumar will attempt to keep the revenue generated within the borders of India.

FAU-G remains in the development phase, which will be being done by nCORE Games. It is a portable games and interactive entertainment business based in Bengaluru, and also the organisation also creates and publishes category-defining mobile games for the Indian e-gaming sector.

Just two days back, the authorities had prohibited PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps for information privacy and digital security reasons. The suspension on the game has also come in effect, and its high profile programmers, Tencent Games, has dropped roughly $34 billion in worth.

PUBG Mobile ban a big loss for the Indian gaming and eSports scene
According to research by Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile has over 175 million installments in the Indian area, which is 24 percent of the total downloads globally. With over 13 million active users daily, the nation contributes the highest amount of players into the game.

The ban could, therefore, break the back of this hard labour PUBG Mobile has set it to make so much hype, and affect the company more in the long term.

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