Fallout 76 Is Finally Adding The Brotherhood Of Steel

Ad victoriam, Fallout 76 players, as Bethesda is finally adding the Brotherhood of Steel to the Fallout online experience. While the launch was more than tough for this game, the latest major content drops have apparently done a 180 for those who gave it a chance. Now Fallout 76 looks like a real Fallout game and it’s going to feel even more apparent with the arrival of the Brotherhood. While we can’t (Paladin) Dance if we want to because we left this friend behind, we can at least take advantage of the fact that the Brotherhood of Steel is making their long-awaited return. Bethesda has released a new video to emulate a recruiting ad for the Brotherhood for Steel. Why hunt Mothman and detonate nukes when you can join a tech cult instead? At first, Bethesda did some tweaking with the lore that was meant to make the Brotherhood not fit into the Fallout 76 timeline, despite in-game clues that apparently referred to that faction. That changed several hundred updates ago, and now they’re back in full force. It wouldn’t be the Brotherhood if they didn’t pack a lot of heat, that’s what the teaser of their arrival shows. Bethesda is keeping the details pretty low-key for now, but the company has confirmed that this particular faction will be officially added before the end of the year. Haven’t checked out Fallout 76 yet because of this launch reception? This weekend is good luck because it is a free weekend. Join us, blow things up, betray your friends: go for it. What do you think of the arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76? Did you give this online game another chance after the perceptions around it turned positive? Give your opinion in the comments section below!

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