Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review – Ridiculous Revelry

With the finish line in sight, a hamburger takes a leap of faith through the slowly spinning windmill. Unfortunately, a milkshake waits behind the scenes and throws the hapless burger into the void, sending it back to an earlier checkpoint. Somewhere across the obstacle course, a flock of beans flips a seesaw the wrong way, sending a dozen players into the sky. Elsewhere, a unicorn in a tutu applauds. Embracing the ridiculous and the fun, Fall Guys is a board game battle royale, and it’s something special. Clearly inspired by shows like MXC, Ninja Warrior, and WipeOut, Fall Guys builds on their high-impact madness and gets laughs at every step of the way. You and 59 other players take part in a wide variety of mini-games to reduce the peloton to a lucky winner. Despite the win-win end of the game, you can form a squad with up to four players, which allows you to band together with your friends at squad events, which is cool. The rounds are fast and it doesn’t matter if you lose. You can watch your friends play or return to the lobby to join another game instantly. Many rounds are obstacle-filled races that have you rocking on swings, smashing doors with your face, and pushing past the mud. Team games like mini football and ball races combine with other weird fare like dividing lanes to further mix up the experiences. Not all stages are created equal, and some of the games end up being fulfilling (the memory game!) Or frustrating, especially team experiences. The core gameplay of Fall Guys is an absolute blast. Slamming up against a wall like a little bulletin board bean wearing a duck costume is as fun and silly as it sounds, and enjoying the wacky physics as you’re being pushed, pushed and thrown through the scenes is very enjoyable. Being the last to hold the flag (tail) or climb the mountain to the crown for a victory is exhilarating and intense without being too stressful. Girding the soccer ball into the goal with a perfect dive is wonderful, as is being the last bean standing when the collapsing hex platform falls. Even when you’re knocked out early, you don’t really lose; you are returned to the lobby with change to buy cosmetics. You can use this money to become a pineapple. Or a dinosaur. Chase your dreams, little bean. It’s easy to watch the hours melt away, as you master each lesson and immerse yourself in the silly fun. Once you have memorized the position and behavior of each wrecking ball and spinning hazard, you can engage in another layer of play by playing with other players, grabbing them and trying to corner them. on walls, banging them on the edges or holding them. in place. Just learning to jump on a balance beam or dive to break your fall is a rewarding lesson, with each class having a generous amount of ‘advanced’ play available once you find the best ways to achieve it. the standard lens. Of course, some of the best laughs happen when perfect shots end up going awry while other beans interfere, either intentionally or just by chance. All in the name of feeling good at the end of the day and witnessing the piles of assorted beans as everyone tries to sneak through the same door is downright hilarious. The lack of variety is the biggest weakness of this otherwise excellent game. After a few hours of playing you will probably have seen it all and the maps are starting to look outdated despite the many emerging hijinks initiated by players. A few matches, especially some of the three-team matches like the Egg Hoarding, reward beating the losing team, which is a nasty (but surefire) way to win. While a certain degree of randomness is essential to the board game experience, many team games can make it seem like you have no agency or impact on winning or losing, resulting in does not do good. Fall Guys don’t take themselves too seriously and it’s hard not to smile after a few rounds of delicious fun. Whether alone or with friends, this refreshing and ridiculous game turns every triumph and failure into a celebration.

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