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Fall Guys : Twitch Rivals Tournament Schedule to start from August 28.

Fall Guys is trending everywhere, and its community is growing rapidly. Fall Guys has already sold 7M copies on steam. Fall Guys hits the competitive stage with its first major competitive event Twitch Rivals. Twitch Rivals Tournament of Fall Guys with the prize pool of $50k, where the biggest Twitch Streamers will battle for the prize pool.

The first proper Tournament has been announced in its Twitch Rivals series and it focused on Mediatonic’s battle royale.Dozens of content creators will battle in the first of its kind competition.The event will be kicking off on August 28 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET/6 AM AEST. Thais event is labeled as Week 1 in the Official schedule, it should be hosted coming weeks too.

Twitch Rivals event will be featured on a dedicated Twitch account. You can still watch your fav. Streamer’s POV, plenty of the popular names on Twitch will be streaming their POV.As you know, the game don’t have custom lobbies yet, so the first Twitch Rivals will be based on a unique point system and format.
80 Twitch Streamers will be played in 20 teams, each team will play maximum no. Of 10 games. Here is a breakdown of how teams will be ranking up points in the first Twitch Rivals. Points will be earned points for every single round.

R1:- 1 Point
R2:- 2 Points
R3:- 3 Points
R4:- 4 Points
R5:- 5 Points

•Scoring system in “FINAL” ROUNDS
R2, winner : +20 Points
R3, winner: +17 Points
R4, winner: +14 Points
R5, winner : +10 Points
R6, winner: +7 Points
After all teams reached this points the knockout stage begins. Teams will eliminate depending on points table round by round. The Bottom 10 teams will be removed from the competition after the seventh game over. Only top 6 surviving teams will advance to next stage . After level by level, teams will be eliminated and one team will be crowned as champion of FALL GUYS Twitch Rivals Tournament. If the two finalists tie, however, another game will be played to determine a real winner.

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