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Riot Games has started 2020 on a high note by announcing several new projects, including a mobile port of League of Legends. Calling it a port would be an understatement, however, since Riot went ahead and redesigned Wild Rift from the ground up to work well on mobile platforms. While the developer was aiming for a 2020 release, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused changes in Rift’s Wild Release Schedule. Some regions have had a taste of it so far, and others have been added later. The increase in the areas participating in the beta means the game is on the verge of a full release, but there are still some bugs that Riot needs to fix before making Wild Rift available in the market. That doesn’t stop the developer from potentially releasing the most fleshed-out MOBA game available on mobile devices, however. Wild Rift was featured on a segment covering games at the Apple event on October 13 and demonstrated just how powerful the iPhone 12’s A14 chipset is. Riot executive producer Michael Chow highlighted how Wild Rift achieves PC-like performance on the iPhone 12. One of the other stars of the presentation was the iPhone’s 5G compatibility. Verizon will be hosting a Wild Rift Invitational Event to showcase all of these elements. When is Verizon’s Wild Rift Invitational? Verizon’s first Wild Rift Invitational is scheduled to take place on October 22. time of the event, it is possible to set a reminder via Twitter. The reminder should let you know when the event kicks off on October 22. You can also keep an eye on the Twitch Rivals channel next to the Twitch Rivals event page. The last of the three says the event is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. CT Where to watch Verizon’s Wild Rift Invitational? Logging into the first Wild Rift competitive experience will be easy. You can be a part of the action via Twitch via Twitch Rivals or directly on Twitter. While Twitter has improved its game to stay on time, watching the event via Twitch can be more stable. The massive influx of Wild Rift fans who log in to get a taste of the game can overwhelm the social media platform as opposed to Twitch, which is known to have endured brutal release periods. first Wild Rift Invitational? a total of 10 participants participating in the Wild Rift Invitational. Ranging from professional League players to influencers, the following 10 people will be placed into two teams that will compete against each other.Meteos: A professional League player who was last seen as the jungler of 100 Thieves.Nate Hill: A professional Fortnite gamer and content creator LeTigress: An esports commentator and host at Riot Games for LCS Chrisy Costanza: Lead singer and lead songwriter for rock band, Against The Current Rick Fox: Founder from the Echo Fox esports team and a retired professional basketball player Aphromoo: a professional league player who supports Dignitas Joe Manganiello: an actor who has appeared in many Marvel and DC films Cesaro : a professional wrestler currently in WWE Zedd: a DJ, songwriter and record producer EMUHLEET: A partnered Twitch streamer, a part-time nurse and an active member of the What Devices community Will players be using in the Wild Rift Invitational? Although Wild Rift is and will be available on Android devices, the event will feature the game being played on iPhone 12 Pro models. The Max and Regular versions of the iPhone 12 Pro feature six GB of RAM alongside the A14 Bionic chipset. The A14 Bionic is currently the fastest mobile chipset in the world. Wild Rift’s iOS optimization should be powerful enough to take the gaming experience to the next level – will gamers be on Wi-Fi or 5G? 5G has been the biggest marketing reach of phones that have been released throughout 2020. The Wild Rift Invitational and iPhone 12 insists gaming should be much smoother on 5G because of the speed. Considering that this will not be a LAN event and players will be logged in from their homes, it will be almost impossible to tell if they ‘I’m actually connecting through a 5G network. While those with access to 5G may choose to do so, others may choose to use a standard Wi-Fi connection. While 5G’s impressive download and upload speeds are revolutionary, even a standard 4G connection. should be decent enough to provide a lag. free experience if you also have a strong connection with almost full bars. Does this event mean that the beta version of Wild Rift’s Americas will be available soon? Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Wild Rift Invitational Event has anything to do with the game’s beta period in the Americas. The region is slated to receive beta access in 2021, which will be the last of all the regions Riot operates in. While Riot has not said why this is the case for the region, it does mean the Americas will be able to play the game. nature. Rift version with the fewest bugs. The developer is also planning a 2021 release for Wild Rift, which means it might look to hit that developing gas pedal as more regions enter beta and report more bugs.

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