ESIC bans seven MDL Australia players for betting offenses


The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced on Friday the first round of the results of an investigation into match-fixing and betting in the ESEA Mountain Dew League (MDL), sanctioning seven players from the Australian division of the league with 12 month bans. Through a joint investigation with ESEA, the esports watchdog association found seven people involved in placing bets on MDL matches, including in their own matches. In addition, it was discovered that several associates of the offending players also placed bets on matches involving these players, with further details to be revealed later as the betting activities of these individuals are still under investigation. . In its statement, ESIC indicated that it had referred this matter to law enforcement due to the nature of the offenses. Meanwhile, the organization has urged professional gamers to avoid betting on any game they earn income from in order to preserve the integrity of the esports landscape. The bans will apply to members of ESIC, which include ESL, DreamHack and BLAST, the esports watchdog group calling on non-member tournament organizers to honor these penalties. The following seven players were given a 12-month ban by ESIC: Stephen “⁠stvn⁠” Anastasi Akram “⁠ADK⁠” Smida Daryl “⁠Mayker⁠” May Corey “⁠nettik⁠” Browne Damian “⁠ JD⁠ “Simonovic Carlos” ⁠Rackem⁠ “Jefferys Joshua” ⁠jhd⁠ “Hough-Devine In conclusion, ESIC said it was still investigating further violations of its anti-corruption code within MDL in Australia and North America, including matches. behavior correction. However, due to the “significantly more complex” nature of these offenses and the fact that it works with law enforcement, ESIC says it will take longer to provide additional updates on the conduct of the investigation.

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