DreamHack Open Fall Media Set


The final day of action of the DreamHack Open Fall group stage saw the deciding matches of the four groups play out and determine who can join the group winners in the upper bracket and who should start their playoff campaign from the lower bracket. . G2, fnatic, NiP and GODSENT placed second in their respective groups after winning their decision makers, leaving Heroic, OG, Sprout and FaZe in third place after all four series fell on the third card. Astralis will face GODSENT for the first time in their last playoff campaign with es3tag. With the ranking of the playoffs decided, the range for the playoffs has been set. The first two matches of the double-elimination bracket will see two rare clashes between Astralis and GODSENT and North and fnatic, before BIG takes on a rather familiar opponent in G2 and Vitality takes on NiP for the astounding twelfth time in 2020. Meanwhile, the group The teams classified third of the stage await their first meetings in the lower bracket. The playoffs will start on Monday and run the rest of the week until the winner is found in Sunday’s grand final, a game that will not only determine who wins the grand prize of 2,500 RMR points and $ 33,000, but also a coveted place. at the IEM Global Challenge LAN event in Cologne. The schedule for the first three days of the playoffs is as follows: Monday, October 1913: 00 Astralis vs GODSENT16: 30 North vs fnatic20: 00 BIG vs G2 Tuesday, October 2013: 00 Vitality vs NiP16: 30 Sprout vs. Astralis / GODSENT Loser 8:00 PM Heroic vs North / Loser fnatic Wednesday, October 21 1:00 PM Upper Support Semi-Final # 116: 30 OG vs BIG / G2 Loser 8:00 PM FaZe vs Vitality / NiP Loser You can see what the Le rest of the schedule from the last RMR tournament of 2020 looks like the tournaments page.

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