DreamHack Leipzig – Home Edition for 2021 Announced

DreamHack, organizer of esports tournaments and gaming events, announced Thursday that DreamHack Leipzig 2021 will not be an in-person event due to ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel and safety restrictions. Instead, the company announced DreamHack Leipzig – Home Edition, which encourages the community to “come together in small groups at home, in game bars or other locations” from January 22-24, 2021, with online competitions. Community members can participate in the event by visiting participating sites such as LVL-Berlin, Camp 1337, and TaKe’s Gaming Bar. A full account of sponsors, partners, and competitions has not been disclosed at the time of writing, although DreamHack Leipzig has in the past hosted Majors for Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others. competitions. DreamHack says the 2022 edition of the event will return to the Leipzig Exhibition Center in Leipzig, Germany, January 28-30, 2022. Parent company Modern Times Group announced in September that it would merge DreamHack and ESL into one. single entity, but the two companies would maintain their branding and continue to organize tournaments and events.

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