Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Launch Trailer Brings The Pain

The first part of the Doom: Eternal Ancient Gods DLC is here and it brings an epic new launch trailer to get this new content hype higher than the flames of hell. Doom Eternal launched with brilliant praise and has seen several small content drops leading up to now, mostly cosmetic options. Now a new adventure emerges with Part 1 of the Ancient Gods DLC as players prepare to face off in the realm of Maykr. “Your mission is now yours,” the official description of the trailer reads. “The Legions of Hell have razed the skies, threatening to extend their control across the dimensions. Unleash your vengeance and fight in the realm of the Maykr. Defeat powerful new threats, restore order in the skies and unearth the corruption that has plunged the universe into chaos. ”With a new story comes new achievements to unlock. Even better for Game Pass owners? The basic part of the game is completely free for members of the Xbox subscription service. As for the new expansion, Khan Makyr’s murder has thrown the whole balance of creation out of balance, meaning danger looms over all as a result of this void. As the Legions of Hell continue their assault, it’s up to the players to join a former ally in order to save everyone’s fate … and we mean everyone. Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods, Part 1 is now live! Are you going to spend the first day? Thoughts on the latest iteration of Doom? Hear those fiery thoughts in the comments section below!

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