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Doinb: G2 has a real chance against DAMWON Gaming, but will be troubled against LPL teams | Esports Ray

After G2 Esports ‘series victory over LCK Gen.G, Doinb estimates the European Champions’ odds against DAMWON Gaming have improved to around 40%. In a video posted to FunPlus Phoenix’s official YouTube channel , Doinb analyzed the upcoming game between G2 and DWG, explained why he believed DWG had the advantage, and why he continued to root for G2 in hopes of an LPL vs LEC final for the third consecutive year. While praising G2’s performance in the series, the FPX midlaner said Gen .G was poor and error-prone. Doinb believes that DWG will be much less fallible and perform better compared to Gen.G, and also represents a marked improvement in quality for solo tracks. Despite his own odds, Doinb was hopeful that G2 would eliminate DWG and meet a Team. LPL in the grand finale. He believes that the team-fighting style of play of LEC teams is countered by “intrepid” LPL teams who are ready to face each other head-on. “Based on Top Esports and Suning’s current state, there is a chance for both of them to win the crown,” Doinb said, while warning that the TES bot path must rediscover their previously compelling form. Doinb then returned to discussing the upcoming DWG vs. G2 match, stating that DWG differs from other LCK teams who are known for their intense mechanical and mic skills. “DWG is a little weird,” Doinb said. “They like to fight. They will go wherever they have a laning advantage and force skirmishes there. The FPX star praised fellow ShowMaker, who showed throughout the tournament that his Summer Split MVP was well deserved. Doinb believed ShowMaker changed his playstyle from a static, hyper-agricultural core to a traveling, team-oriented skirmisher like DRX’s LCK rival Chovy. What makes ShowMaker such a creepy player is due to his ability to win the way, whatever. what type of champion he chooses. Doinb explains that while other players will experience pressure and suffer in the lane, requiring a backup plan like team fights and roaming, ShowMaker will always go out of the way, even with a supporting champion.

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