Detroit: Become Human Collector’s Edition For PC Revealed, Limited-Time Only

Detroit: Become Human challenged players to delve into an existential tale of what it means to be human in a world that seems to be losing its humanity with every passing day. To celebrate the PC version of the game, Quantic is offering a Limited Edition Collector’s Edition for Detroit fans. The new Detroit: Become Human collector’s edition is limited to only 2,500 copies, which makes it very limited in quantity. It offers a Kara statue along with post-game themed pins and a CyberLife ID card with a game code attached. You can see all the glory of the new Collector’s Edition in the video at the top of the post with a first glance below: The statue itself stands a little over 10.5 inches tall on a base illuminated by straight LED lights. With over five million units sold worldwide, this is just another excuse for those who have not yet stepped in to do so and experience this game for themselves. The Detroit: Become Human Collector’s Edition costs $ 349.99 and is available in the Quantic Dream Shop as well as select retailers around the world. The game itself met with mixed reviews, with some calling the gaming experience groundbreaking while others were not as impressed. It’s a slow-paced adventure, certainly not for action junkies, but it is an experience filled with choice, consequences, and learning about human nature with all of its ugly parts. “Detroit made me think about topics that I avoided regarding humanity and our future, and that’s a good thing,” our own Kimberly Wallance said in her review of Detroit: Become Human for Game Informer. “These are issues that are difficult to explore, and I’m happy that Quantic Dream rose to the challenge knowing that it could lead to failure. Detroit succeeds and stumbles in this area. Its greatest strengths are relationship building and vastness. Branching paths. I keep coming back to explore its variations. Not only are they fascinating, but I care where I left these characters. The general message about technology and our future persists long after the credits roll, this that makes me wonder how I’m going to deal with my relationship with tech. it takes us to new places. ”What do you think of the Detroit: Become Human Collector’s Edition for PC? Have you ever played the game, what did you think? Hear those existential thoughts in the section below, we’d love to hear what you think!

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