Darkest Dungeon II Coming To Early Access On Epic Games Store In 2021

Red Hook Studios today announced that Darkest Dungeon II will arrive in Early Access on PC through the Epic Games Store in 2021. While this is a pretty vague window, it’s important news for the title that we don’t have much of. heard from its inception tease. While we only have the EGS announcement at the moment, the original title has come to almost every platform imaginable after its initial release, so hopefully this one ends up being console too. I really enjoyed the first game because I had the opportunity to use the word aphotic in a review, and I didn’t think I ever had the chance to. If that wasn’t enough, aspiring dungeon crawlers are treated to a new trailer featuring several of our favorite Darkest Dungeon characters, showcasing the franchise’s striking art style. You can check out the trailer below! Give yourself a silver lining, because if this feels like Game 1, we’re going to take some serious punishment – and an epic triumph in the face of defeat!

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